Friday, August 19, 2011

I think I found my wings...

Hey everyone!!! Yes I'm still out and about,gee whiz,where has the summer gone??? I've been busy and somewhat sick,nothing serious,but when I thought I was better,other health issues started. But I'll get them fixed soon I hope.
I haven't created much lately,been working in this house of ours,it's hard to renovate an old house isn't it.
These surprises keep popping up,Thank God,I HAVE A HANDYMAN!
Anyways,onto my card,I made a quick card the other day just to say I played and relaxed so much and I also used some old scraps (which I have a ton of).
Today,we are leaving for our camper,I remember 2 yrs ago,we we're there every weekend,this year and last year we went maybe 4 times througout the whole summer. So this weekend we are running away from the renos and they better not find us,lol!

Have a super weekend my friends and I'll try to visit you as much and often as I can!