Monday, June 30, 2008

What a whacky weekend!!!

I'd like to Thank each and everyone of you for your nice comments and prayers! I know I'll get through it,one day at a time!!!! You guys keep my spirits up,you help me sooooo much and I appreciate that tremendously!

Now for our whacky weekend...we went to our get away camp in the rain of course. Gee whiz I can't wait to get sun without rain!!!! On friday night it rained all night so it was a movie night which was ok. Then on saturday it was still drizzling all day,went to visit my niece a bit in the afternoon,then went back to our camp to have dinner. Of course it was still raining so I told DH,
let's just have sandwich and salad,cuz it he would of got caught in the rain to BBQ.
So we had dinner,we watched more movies,but I always fall asleep watching movies,especially when my tummy is full. So I snoozed for about 40 minutes,just a little power snooze.

Then the fun began, my DH went to get up to go the washroom,his back gave out,he almost fell to the floor. What the heck is that he says,I didn't do anything all day!!!! So he took some tylenol 3 (which he has prescribed for other health issues) that didn't help. Then he tried a muscle relaxant,that didn't help. Anyways,to make a long story short,we stayed at the camp overnight,but on sunday we had to go to the ER.This pain he had was just getting worse!!!

So we got there at 4pm,they took a urine test to see if it was kidney stones,and nope it didn't show that in the test. So they gave him 4 shots for pain in 3 hours,still in pain. The dr just didn't know what to do,so he gave him a suppository for the pain,and that helped for a few hrs.

Fianlly at 1 am they told me to go home that they would keep him over night and do a catscan in the morning. So I went back at 8am and then we had to wait for it results,and sure enough it was kidney stones,but very small ones so he has to drink lots of fluids to make them pass.

Poor him he is in so much pain,it's easier for us ladies,that's when I'm happy to be a woman. I can just imagine how painful that will be when they do pass!!!! So now I have to take care of him,which is a big switch cuz he's always the one taking care of me. It's a good thing we're not sick at the same time cuz then we'd really be in trouble!

So when he's sleeping I'll try to visit your blogs, hope you all have a great day!!!!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Male card

I just didn't know where I was going with this card. I went to see my dr. today for a follow up of my stay in the hospital back in May. The attacks I was getting are from an infection in my intestines forming bile in my common bile duct.

As for you who know my liver situation,he says this is bound to happen again,but now they know what it is and they will treat it with antibiotics. One good thing about this is that it moves me up the transplant list. But he discouraged me by saying that the list is probably over 1,000 people on it.

So it won't happen anytime soon. So for now I'll keep on praying each day. Like my husband says,there's alot of worse people than me on the list. And I know that,but I'm just scared that they will wait too long and that I won't make it or that I won't be in good enough shape to get the surgery done.

So please keep me in your prayers my friends,I know you do,but put in an extra one,lol.

As far as the card goes,I wanted to make a male card,but I don't have male stamps,so I came up with this,it's all good.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blessed with more beautiful RAKS!!!

I rec'd 2 beautiful RAKS,the card is from Melissa at Simply Pink,I love her blog,if you haven't been there you should visit her. She does wonderful work!! Thanks Melissa,Hugs to you!!
The dp,tags and drops are from Courtney at Created by Courtney,what a wonderful surprise!
Thanks a bunch Courtney,you're awesome!!
You girls Rock my Socks!!!!
Today is suppose to be nice and sunny (fingers and toes crossed) so I'm off to visit my niece for the day. Hopefully I'll be able to put the top down,woohoo!!!!
Have a wonderful wednesday! Hugs,Diane

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You must check this out to win!!!

Hey everyone,if you want to win an awesome Tropical stamp set and or sentiment set,go to
Rose Ann from Paper Delightz told me about it,and we need to spread the word! You won't regret it,It's an awesome prize...go,go check it out!!! You must read on,at the top it says congrats to the winner,but they have another blog candy going on,so go on and read further.


Penguin card and more pics

I finally made a card with this little guy which I purchased from Coconut ScrapShop. I used my CB swirl for the bg to match his shorts,got some new primas at Michael's yest.,so I had to add some of those and the rest is pretty self explanitory.

Some more pics from our camp site. I was enjoying myself on the swing,and hubby posed with his bike,don't mind his scruffy look,he was working on the yard and I asked him to pose,lol. Then I took a pic of my bird feeder with no birds,as soon as I would get near them they would fly away.

I have little yellow finches and I had a beautiful Blue Jay that came 3 times,he is the most beautiful bird,I could sit and watch him all day long,it is so relaxing.

No we weren't trying to make smoke signals,lol. We had started a fire and then went for a bike ride,when we came back it was out as you can see.

Well enough rambling about the camp,you must be bored if you've read this far. So have a wonderful day all!!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics,Hugs,Diane

Monday, June 23, 2008

Our camper

Well friends,thought I'd show you where I go every weekend. We are working on making our lot pretty,so dont look at the yard,it'll look better next summer. I love getting away to our little retreat. We live in an apt. building which my husband takes care of. It has 49 units,so to get away from there is a must for him,there's always someone at the door or calling for one thing or another. So we make our little camper our home away from home. It's brand new and I love it,I don't like roughing it out when camping,like some people like the real camping,I'm not a bush woman like my hubby says,lol. Anyways,tomorrow I will post pics of my bird feeder we installed last week,and I finally got to enjoy bird watching on sat cuz we finally got some SUN!!!!Woohoo!!
So enjoy these pics for now and have
a wonderful monday.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Celebrate with a simple card

It's sunday already,I'll be coming back home. Time flies when you're having fun! Even though they're calling for rain all weekend,it's still fun to get away.

This card is pretty simple,I used the Both Way Blossoms set
for the flower,the cs is SU,Sage Shadow and So Saffron. The
flowers on the buckle is from the Time Well Spent set , the
sentiment is from Flourishes. I added some colored string cause it was so bare on that side.

So here it is,what do you think???

Have a blessed Sunday! Hugs,Diane

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's saturday,so Take it Easy!

Here's another Tilda image I rec'd from Nicola. A woman's work is never done right,but hey it's the weekend so Take it Easy!!!

I'm not good at listing all that I've used,I'll have to get on that won't I. One day at a time! I pre scheduled my posts,if
you're commenting,I guess it worked. I'm so naive when it
comes to computers,but I am getting better,lol!
It's all SU cs and brads but I don't know where the dp comes from.

I'll be back sunday night to check some blogs,have a great saturday friends!!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Rain rain go away...

I am so fed up of rain!!!! I know it's better than tornadoes and floods , why am i complaining right!
Well I made a card to match our weather! My fav color is green,and I thought the orange would be cool with it. I have to work on creating clouds though,that didn't turn out too good. But overall I like it anyways.

So I'm off camping in the rain,yuck!!! At least we get away from home,phone and my husband's job which has been really stressful lately!

So have a great weekend and I tried to post ahead,hopefully it worked,so come and check back tomorrow!!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here's Edwyn!!!

This is one of the images I rec'd from Nicola . I'm not even sure how to spell his name,poor little guy. I love Magnolias stamps,I bought a couple from Phoebe here in Canada. She is such a sweet lady,I hope to visit her store one day.

Anyhow,back to the card,I colored him with my SU markers,did a little bit of doodling (always like doodling since I was a kid),the sentiment is from Flourishes and added a polka dot ribbon to match the polka dot dp.

Pretty simple card but I kinda like it!!

Have a wonderful healthy thursday,Hugs Diane

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A new stamp !

I've rec'd a few new stamps and sets so I hope to be making cards. This one is Lily from Rachelle Anne Miller which I got
from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps. Isn't she cute!!
I colored her with SU watercolor crayons,added some liquid pearl on her dress and embellished it with pearls in the center of the primas.
I liked the way it turned out. The sentiment is from High Hopes.
Enjoy your wednesday! Hugs,Diane

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A card and a Rak

Hi everyone!
I've been pretty lazy,quiet just not in the mood to do much lately.
Just wish I was on a sandy beach somewhere,
that's where the sandals card came about,I always
say that when I'm lying on the beach...The Good Life!!!
I rec'd a beaufiful RAK from Cheryl,her blog is You should check it out she does amazing work!
Thank You so much Cheryl,it's a beautiful card,love all the glitter!!
If anyone has too much sun,please send some our way,they are calling for rain all week!!! I tell ya,this is getting really depressing,oh well maybe next week,lol!
Have a great day,and thanks for dropping in!! Hugs,Diane

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little ballerina!!

Here's a card I made so I'd have something to post with.I've been terrible lately,just don't have time to do anything! I used a stamp from High Hopes which I hadn't inked ever,she's so cute,and I wrote Happy B'day Sweetheart on the tag punch. Put a couple of layers on a white card and tada!

It'll be a cute b'day card for a little girl I'm sure I can use! I can't believe tomorrow is friday again,where does time go???

Off to the camp again on friday,and guess what...they're calling for rain again!! Hopefully we'll get some sun sooner or later!

So if I don't get to leave early tomorrow I'll check some blogs,if not,may you all have a wonderful weekend my dear friends!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

White on white challenge

Good morning or good day everyone!
This card is for Deb's challenge at Stampin' on the mountain. It's a great challenge,wish I had some white ribbon,I do but left it at the camp.
So I did my best,go check her site out,her cards are really nice and she's my new liver buddy!!
Had a terrible night's sleep,so guess what I'll be doing today...try to get a couple of hrs.
By the way,thanks for the concern for my niece she is doing much better today,i guess time does heal!!!
Have a terrific tuesday my friends!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Found a card in my stack

Here's a card I hadn't posted. It was done at a weekend class at our local store. Boy oh boy do I need practice with the water coloring!!!
Hey it's a new kinda of elephant...multi color,lol!!

I had a pretty good weekend at the camp. It was nice and sunny on saturday so Shannon (my niece) and I sat on the deck with intentions on tanning. I tan pretty quick but it wasn't the case with Shannon.
Poor girl after being there for about an hour she noticed she was red a bit so she says,I'm goint to get out of the sun,go to my camper. Poor girl,she went to bed in pain from the burn which was only getting worse by the minute. We had aloe vera cream which we put on her,but it didn't help much. After dinner she had a hard time bending her legs and her arms we're a bit soar.

I'm sure she will stay out of the sun forever! She feels a little bit better today. After calling telehealth yesterday,they told her time will heal it. If anyone has any solutions or anyting that would help,please let me know.

Hugs to you Shannon,hope you will better realllllllll soon!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do you have a sweet tooth?

This stamp is from Sweet n Sassy Stamps, I am so wanting one of these but trying to loose isn't a good idea! I colored the image with SU markers,added some glitter on the glass and on the dots which i glued on the sides.
Easy peasy! Yummy!!!

Have a great day eh!!!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Precious wednesday

Today was a beautiful sunny day,so I took advantage to take a ride in my convertible,
woohoo!!!! I went to visit my niece again which she lives about an hour away. Had a great visit with her and little Dawson,we went for a walk and came back home.

Pretty plain card huh,I'm going to have to try and be more creative,maybe this weekend at the camp. There's LOTS if black flies at this time of year so maybe I'll hide inside and make cards.

That's in between playing Yatzee with Shannon!

I almost feel ashame of showing cards like this,but I'm trying to get better!

Thanks for stopping by,Hugs,Diane

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally a card and a RAK!

I finally got to make a Magnolia card. I used my new fiskars punch which I got at Michael's today.

And the Rak is from Nicola at Paper World,from a challenge I had participated in,she was soooo generous,look at all those beautiful images! And the gorgeous felt flowers!
Thanks again Nicola,you're such a sweetie!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day,it is nice and sunny here today,so I washed the inside of my car and DH did the is so nice when it's all clean!!


Beautiful Butterfly!

  1. Tasha loves butterflies!
These we're taken at the camp last year,we went for a walk and there was a butterfly following us. Of course Tasha tried to get it,but to her surprise it got her. If you look closely on her back pocket,
the butterfly landed there long enough for me to take a shot of it.

The last 2 nights have been sleepless again so I haven't made any new cards.Maybe today!

May you all have a terrific tuesday! Hugs, Diane

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Couple of Thank You cards

Here are a couple of Thank You cards I made at the camp last week. I had forgot to bring them to town so here they are now. Pretty plain but I kind of like them.
The weather was wet and miserable friday and saturday again,when will summer get here!
And sunday morning the sun came out but I had to leave early to attend a baby shower. I won the door prize which I had to guess how many jelly beans in the jar,I guessed 407 and there was 411.
Pretty darn good huh,lol! So I won the jar with the jelly beans and a gift card at Tim Horton's,yay!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I just relaxed and watched a couple of movies,no stamping done so I'll have to work at it this week. Caio for now!