Friday, July 31, 2009

Hi everyone!!!

The pic is kinda of dark,but it did turn out pretty nice. Like I said in my previous post,butterflies mean alot to me now.
So this card is for Anne,my new tx friend,next week marks 4 yrs of losing her husband. Therefore I want her to know I'll be thinking of her on that day.

Well,I'm still around,not doing much,I went to London On. last week for some testing and to meet a couple of drs from the transplant team. I was scarred they we're going to put me down the list for some reason. But it was to make sure that the blood vessels from the liver and that my ticker we're all good to go when I do get my transplant. I hadn't been there for 2 yrs,so they just wanted to make sure all was good.
Unfortunately,I can no longer drive,I had an incident with my vehicle the previous week (nothing major,no one is hurt,just a scratched car). But due to high ammonia,they have to let the ministry of transportation know that I am not safe to drive. So until after my transplant,I will have to bother my hubby for rides or walk. I was disappointed,but it's better that way then to hurt someone else or myself. Other than that,they said it is taking so long because they are waiting for a good strong liver. To stay positive and patient,easier said than done. So as much as I say everyday that I'm going to make cards,I just don't find the energy and I'm pretty much in the dumps,it'll get better,I know it will.
Until then,I just thank God I'm still here alive and breathing.

I think of all of you so much,and will try to visit as much as I can! Take Care!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I got some beautiful goodies from Chris a wonderful blogging friend. You sure made my day Chris,cause today was a hard one.

So you made me smile,and your card is just beautiful!!!! I am blessed to have a True Friend like you!!! Thank You!!!!

The weekend is upon us once again. Another weekend without camping but we have a wedding to attend so that will be nice!

May you all have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Did you know...

...that Butterflies are the symbol of transplant.

I met another great lady that had a liver transplant,she is not a blogger,I met her through an organ tx site. She is about 8 hrs from where I live and she has been so helpful and supportive.

She told me that when she had her tx,they told her at the hospital that the Butterfly is the symbol for transplants. Now what is really freaky is, the previous week,I hadn't even met her then.
We had gone to our camp over night and spent the saturday cause it was so nice. I was lying in the lounge chair and AL was in the camper getting something when a Butterfly landed on my big toe and sat there for maybe 5 seconds. Just enough time for Al to see it.

The following week I met Anne,my new tx friend and she tells me that butterflies are a symbol for transplants...well I got shivers up my spine let me tell you. So I think you will be seeing alot of cards with butterflies!!!!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 13, 2009

For my Tops Friends!

Well I finally made these little weight recorder book covers for some of my Tops friends. I got some cute little images from wish rak and had to use them. I'm sure my pals will enjoy them. I have made a couple and then the word got around and now they all want one,lol. So once a week I will make one for someone with a little encouragement note to keep them motivated.
That way,it'll keep me busy,take my mind off this transplant issue and make someone happy,which I love to see.

The weather is terrible here,it's been raining almost everyday for the last 10 days, like a friend of ours sais "He ordered some sun for today,but it was backordered,so God gave him a rain-check,lol" I thought it was cute!

Have a great week and I hope to post more often and will try to visit some blogs today!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm still here!!

Sorry for not being around but it's been rough lately. I'm so exhausted,I try to sleep when I can.
Therefore I haven't done anything creative at all in I don't know how long. I just can't get back into it,I'm sure I will when I feel better.
And I rec'd a call from London (the hospital which I will be going for the tx) last thursday. Boy was I in a panic,we we're having coffee at Tim Horton's with a bunch of friends and DH's cell rings. So he answered and she asked to speak with me,introducing herself as Lindsay from the London Health ... well I thought it was THE CALL!! Heck no,she goes on to say that one of the drs was saying that my bloodwork has been stable and they want me to go there for an EKG and Liver ultrasound,so when could i go.
So I asked her if the bloodwork is stable that means I am not getting worse (which is a good thing) but would they take me off the tx list? She said she didn't know,she had heard of people being moved down the list but that also maybe they want to see me to make sure everything else health wise is good to go for the surgery.
Well it was such a down in the dumps weekend,I could only think,what if they push me down the list,after waiting all this time. I am so discouraged,confused and just don't know what to think anymore. My co-ordinator is gone on holidays so what is why this lady that called me didn't know much about my case. Anyways,I have to be there on July 21 & 22nd. One day of testing and the other day meeting with the drs.

So now as discouraged as I am,there is nothing I can do but wait til those appointments. I did call my social worker yesterday trying to get some answers,but guess what,he had just come back from a 5 week holiday and was just as puzzled as i was. He told me not to worry about it,that it's probably routine check up. Easier said than done not to worry about it!!!

So that is where I stand with all this mess,I talk to God,my parents up above to shed some light.
I'm sure they will make everything workout for the best. I must accept what will happen,good or bad.

Until next time,Hugs to all of you!!!!