Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I rec'd a couple of award at our Tops rally day!
The top award was MOST VALUABLE MEMBER,voted by the members. I was so shocked when they called out my name because we have so many wonderful people in our club. So for them to have chosen me was a great honor.
And the bottom award for a SUMMER CHALLENGE,it was to keep your weight off through the summer. And the white ribbon is My Official KOPS ribbon,which means KeepOffPoundSensibly. So overall it was a pretty nice day!!!

Now on with my card,Henry from WOJ...isn't he a darling!! I always need B'day cards so when I got this image I just had to make a card with it.

Tomorrow is thursday already!!! And October to boot!!! Maybe if I wouldn't spend my time trying to sleep,I'd have more time to play. I' m having a hard time to get a good sleep in,a couple hrs here and there isn't sufficient. Oh well,shouldn't complain,there are worse people than me out there.

Have a wonderful day,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Precious Maggie

Happy saturday! I enjoyed making this card,I love this image I got from SCS WR.

I used some old SU dp over some baby blue cs.
Added a couple of primas and MS branch punches and also used the Fiskars border punch.
If you look close you will see her pearl necklace. I used white opal liquid pearls.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day for me. I'm attending our TOPS area rally where some people will be recognized for their weight loss.
I will be going with my 78 yr old aunt,we both achieved our goal in May this yr,so we should be recognized for that. I'm looking forward to spending the day with her as I don't see her enough.

So enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks for still praying!!! Love ya bunches!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


You must be wondering TULIPS at this time of year??? Well I just rec'd this image from WR and couldn't resist to play. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers,it announces Spring then Summer (which we didn't get this year)

Oh well,So here's a card I made for a friend that needs happy mail.She found out that her sister has cancer and she is taking it really hard so I thought I'd send her a little note so she knows I'm thinking of her.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

For our Tops club

Well,they are not the greatest,but they will be for little Halloween treat bags for a draw for our Tops club,I will also add some cards which I already showed you in previous posts.

They will be for fund raising for the club. The ladies always like it when I do stuff like that. I made 20 all together. I didn't do anything fancy,but I'm sure they will go well. We'll be selling tickets for a draw to win these and the cards,just to make a few bucks for the club.

Gee 2 posts in 2 days,haven't done that in awhile!

Later alligator! Hugs,Daine

Simple fall card

With the fall weather upon us,I finally used my Autumn leaf prints set which I had bought last year and don't think I ever used it. I'm so terrible for that!
So I use the Maple leaf which is my favorite,it's so nice and colorful and so of them are huge. I always loved to pick them up as a kid.
The piece that the leaf is glued on is a paint sample thingy from Home Depot,you can't see in the pic,but it's a goldish color,looks really sharp. And I stamp the leaf again on the dp with true thyme and so saffron. And just used the little Hello as the sentiment.
It'll be a card for my stack.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. For us not much happening.
I must tell you this FUNNY but PANICK story we had this afternoon. We (DH and I) we're in line at Tim Horton waiting to order and my Pager goes off...I look at my husband and say,MY PAGER WENT OFF!!! He yanks it off my pant waist (that is where i keep it) and checks for the said low cell,lol! It was to warn us the battery was low,lol.
It's not really funny,but we're still laughing,I can't imagine what we'll do when the real call happens!
Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers and we'll hope that it happens oh so soon!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I had a beautiful dream!!!

I have nothing to show you but I want to tell you about my beautiful dream!!!

Just when I needed some hope as I have been really depressed with waiting for my transplant,I emailed my transplant co-ordinator to see where things we're standing. Back in Feb,they told me I was 2nd on the list (for my blood type) so I thought it would be soon. Well we're now mid Sept. and still nothing. So she told me that the person ahead of me was now in the hospital waiting for a liver. That means this person must be in pretty bad shape. My co-ordinator said as soon as she (so this person is a lady) has her transplant,I am next.
So saturday night,I asked my Mom up above to help this lady to get her liver and that she goes through it smoothly. And if there was a way for her to give me a sign to let me know that I will be getting my tx soon to let me know.
So my beautiful dream was...I was sleeping,not in a hospital,don't know where i was,but there was someone caressing my face,I woke up in the dream to see my Mom. I said what's wrong?
She was so beautiful,and she answered,everything will be ok!!!!

So she came and gave me my sign,she was actually here I'm sure,I felt her!!!! This is the best dream I have ever had!!! So now I know,when the time is right,it will happen!

Please keep sending the prayers my way,I know you are,tell your friends,families and anyone you can think of!!!

Thanks a bunch!!!! Hugs,Diane

Friday, September 11, 2009

Love the new colors!

I rec'd the new in colors as a surprise from a
wonderful blogger,CHRIS, she sent me some
cardstock with the wonderful dp.
I finally got to make a card with them. The sentiment is mounted on the rich rasp cs. Hard
to see from the pic,but it looks really nice!
Thanks so much CHRIS!!!!

Friday is here once again,I've caught up on my sleep last night,yay!!!!
Tomorrow we'll checking the fall fair,hope to get some nice crafts or maybe some nice pies,yummy!!!!

May you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boo to You!

Well it's wednesday already,days are short and nights are long...when you can't sleep that is,lol.

So this is an image I rec'd from Wish Rak,I thought it would make a sweet Hallowe'en card.
I did say the other day I wasn't too much into Hallowe'en cards,but i've made 3 in a row.
Today I want to make some Nesties treat holders for a give away. I want to make 25 of them,so I hope to get a bunch done.

So have a great day!

"To the world YOU may be just one person,But to one person,YOU may mean the world"


Monday, September 7, 2009

Beware of...

GHOSTS!!! Boo!!!

Here's another dollar fifty (for us Canadians) stamp from Mike's. The ghost one that is. The sentiment is from a package I had gotten at 75% off at the end of the season last year and so is the MS corner punch spider web and so are the little spiders I glued on the card,aren't they the cuttest!
Oh and I forgot the border punch too,I bought at 75% off last year,a girl's gotta get bargains!!!!

Another easy card but I like this one better than the previous one.

So the long weekend was sooooo long,as we couldn't go camping all summer it made EVERY WEEKEND so boring!!
And the bad weather didn't help either,at least if we could of gone in the bush,we could of gotten away from the job.As my husband's job is at the building,there is always someone calling or at the door. That is why it is important for us to get away. Oh well,maybe next year!

So may you all have a wonderful week,and hope to be visiting some of your blogs soon. At least a few a day. Take care!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey Pumpkin!

Well the kidney infection seems to be gone. That is why I wasn't doing much,gee,that is tough on the back!!! Had antibiotics for a week,touch wood,it seems to be gone.

So I made an easy Hallowe'en card. Pretty cheesy,but cutsy too.

Today is a good day,yay! Got up early (for me) before 10,had breakfast,shower,went for a walk,went to Michael's to see what they had on sale. Got a few Halloween dollar stamps which this is one of them. So I hope to make more cards,just a few,I'm not a big hallowe'en freak.

Hope you are all having a great wednesday! I know I am and will take advantage of the good day as I don't get them often enough!!