Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Marissa

This is Little Marissa from High Hopes,an image I rec'd through Wish Rak. The sentiment is in french and says Thinking of You. A friend of ours in Quebec is feeling rough so I thought I'd send her a card with a bookmark as well. They are so easy to make and she loves to read as well.
Hope it will cheer her up,I know she will enjoy the card.
I can't believe the end of the week is already here! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
We don't have much planned for this weekend,I have to try and get back into exercising!!! I just don't feel up to it.

Hugs to you! Diane

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A card and a bookmark

Here is a bookmark I will be sending with the card to my sis.She is always reading so I'm sure she'll enjoy this little bookmark. I can't remember where or who I got it from. But they are so easy to make and are diff from a regualr bookmark.

And here is the card I will be sending with the bookmark,maybe I'll throw in a sweet treat too.

This is Emmie from Cuddly Bubbly stamps,I find her so cute,it was images I had rec'd from Kristine,Thanks again sweetie! I used the CB hearts of the pink cs,used my MS heart punch and the sentiment is from SU and I popped it up and used the little cut out hearts from the MS at the bottom.

It's already wed,I've got my laundry done from our trip and I've been sleeping soooo much since we got back,it's unbelievable. I guess the sun took alot out of me.

Went for my weigh in last night....Those desserts we're good and cost me 5 pounds!!!!! Lol! That's ok,got back on track this morning and I'm sure it'll come off sometime. A girl has to enjoy life sometimes right,lol!

So enjoy the rest of the week,Hugs,Diane

Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying to get in the swing of things

This is what I must face tuesday...

How can a girl say NO to these!!!!

The desserts we're awesome and I must confess,I had wayyyyyyy too many of them. But like I told my DH,I must try them all at least once,lol!

Looking back at the photos today,there was some positive,which will show on the scale on tuesday,hehe,but it tasted delicious!

The card is one I had started before I left for my holidays to share with someone in my TOPS group. I finished it off today,that was how I felt when I got on the scale...I NEED SUGAR!!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jamaica was HOT!!!!

Hi friends,I missed you all so very much,can't wait to get back on track and check what you've all been doing!!! Our holiday was somewhat good,weather was awesome but we had our first bad resort episode. From power outagous (like for 6 days on and off) and 3 days of cold water and one day of no water,so needless to say most of our holiday was ruined by all this. It was rated as a 5 star,I can't believe it,it was terribly managed! Those poor Jamaicans are treated awful by this Spanish company.

But the sun was gorgeous,very cloudy at times but the sun managed to come out and it was so nice and hot!!!! Here are a few pics to share with you. I can't wait to get back in the swing of things!

Hugs for now!!! Diane

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weight loss update,yikes!!!!

Well I went to my weight loss meeting last night and faced the music. I knew I had gained from the holidays which is expected when you eat all the sweets that I ate. So I was up 2.8 pounds.
Which puts me behind with my goal. But now I'm not stressing about it,we're leaving friday for our holiday to Jamaica and I will try my best not to gain tooooooo much,lol,but I know I will gain.
Hey,I'll deal with that when I come back!!!

I will not be posting anything while on holidays and will be putting up some pics as soon as I can when I come back. I miss ya already!!! Take care my dear blogging friends! I'll be thinking of all of you while soaking up the sun with my fruit punch drinks!!!!!

Hugs to all!!! Diane,xoxo

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Heart of my heart!! It'll be here before we know it. Us card makers never get a break do we!
But I love it,as soon as one holiday is over with,we get the next holiday on a roll.
Here is a Valentine card,I used my CB folder and sponged it in Pixie Pink,used my MS punch,used the hearts from the punch and glued them on the CB piece and added a Be mine sticker on the red CS and added some soft blue to match the dp.
No stamping at all,so pretty eazy peazy!
Have a wonderful tuesday my friends,Hugs,Diane

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Intoducing a new member of my stamp family!

I'd like to introduce to you,MIMI. She's from Pink Gem Designs,isn't she a cutie!!!! I bought a couple of stamps of her,so you will be seeing more of her.


I also used a new MS punch DH got for me and I used some white puff to make her sit in the snow. I'll be thinking of all my friends in winter wonderland next week,lol,while I'm on the beach.

If you'd like to check out these cute stamps,here is the link
Have a super monday my friends,Hugs,Diane

For a fellow Tops member!

Here's a card for a fellow TOPS member,we go back to face the music (or the weight gain for me) on tuesday.I'm sure there will be at least one member that will have loss some weight,therefore I made a card of encouragement and congratulate her!! It is so hard at this time of year. But now that it is all over with,it is time to get back on track.

But for me,I will be good until thursday the 8th and then we are off to JAMAICA for 2 weeks,and I ain't even going to think the word diet,lol!!! It is our third time in Jamaica and love going there,the food is great,the people are awesome,the entertainment is cool!

We come back on the 24th at midnight,so it will be a good relaxing holiday before the transplant,which I was told should be happening this year!!!

So have a super sunday and I will be posting again before I leave. Suitcases are already packed and ready to go,now we are just counting how many sleeps are left. We are going with my brother and sis in law,so it will be lots of fun!!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

First post of 2009!

Sorry for taking so long to post something dear friends,but I've been sleeping alot. Didn't do much creating whatsoever.

I'd like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year,lots of health and happiness throughout the year!

I forgot to post these lovely Christmas raks I've rec'd,shame on me!!!! Thanks so much to my following blogging friends! Deb,the Angel card is so pretty,love the big red ribbon and polka dot prima,Shannon McGann,wonderful image and sentiment and I love the colors and the sparkly star!Chris Pereira,that blue is just bluetiful!!! and the CB snowflake is one of my favorite!

Dani Marcus,such a gorgeous stamp and the nestabilities are gorgeous!!!!Love how your whole family signed the cards,so cool!Julie Koerber,such a cute little tiny village with all the sparkles and the bling,thanks!And to Alex Hobson,the Let it snow stamp is super cute,lovely dp and colors!!!

So to all of you THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!