Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soft suede Thank You!

Hi everyone!
Well,I managed to make another TYou card today!
Things are coming along fine. I'm doing alot more in the house,taking my time of course,and I know my limits.
I can't believe how better it gets everyday!

Now on to the card,it is very simple. I used SU materials except for the stamps which are Inkidinkidoo,I can never spell that right and I'm too lazy to go and check the spelling,lol.

So I'm off to do my little daily exercises and a little snooze. So have a great rest of the week and I hope to post again soon,if not,I'll try real hard to visit your blogs my friends!!!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

A simple Thank You

Well things are getting better,my cut is healing slowly,I'll be glad when it's all closed. They are trying to adjust my anti rejection pills,that is normal,it will take a bit before they get the right doses. Besides that I am getting stronger !

So we went to the camper on the weekend and I managed to make a card,woohoo,lol~!
Nothing to fancy,but I had the Fleur de Lis medallion done already and used some scraps and came out with this card.
You will be seeing alot of TY cards in the future,so hope you won't get bored with them!

Until next post...ENJOY LIFE!


I rec'd this Lovely Blog Award from Celine et Nathalie,2 talented ladies! If you haven't visited their blog,you should,HERE,they do fabulous work!

There are 2 rules to keep this award,you must list 3 positive things about yourself and pass the award on to 7 bloggers,which is hard cause you all deserve it. All blogs are LOVELY!!!

So here are my positive points,

1)I try to help one person in anyway i can everday. 2)I am greatful and thankful for everyday! 3)I enjoy making cards so I can make someone smile.

Now from the top of my head,here are 7 people to send this award to... I can't figure out how to link the name to your blogs girls,so please accept my apology. And I can't stay too long on the computer so I will list your name and blog name. Please accept this Lovely Award for your Lovely Blogs.

Lorraine-Lorraine's Creations Rita Santos-Rita's Little Corner Lisa Jane-Mess 2 Magic

Rose Ann-Paper Delightz Chris-Mudmaven Julie-Out To Impress Denise-Stamping with Denise

Have a great week! Diane


Sunday, September 5, 2010

As promised...

As promised...a card! It s pretty easy peasy,but very shaky,lol. I am in need of alot of Thank You cards,so this is one of them. I used the template which I had I won from Alice and a 6x6 dp with some punches. The green ribbon represents The Gift of Life,added the sentiment from SU Flight of the Butterfly and some green jewels.

It was a R & R weekend,it rained all weekend but DH and I got alot of snoozing going on. I plan on visiting more blogs this week here and there. Still feeling week but it's getting better everday.Until next time my friends...


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sending Big Thank Yous your way!

Hi everyone,still having lots of shaking going on.
That's hand shaking,so still not able to create but that's ok,it'll come . I wanted to show you some of the cards and flowers I had rec'd. I sure have been blessed with great friends and family throughout the world !

I just can't wait to play,maybe i'll try something over the weekend,even it's not nice,I'll show you the end product,lol.

On friday sept 3rd,our local paper will be coming over our place to write up a story on my transplant. I'm so excited,it might bring more people to sign their organ donor card . If it's only one person,it'll be one person more than before.

May you all have a wonderful weekend!