Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey friends!

Well,it feels great to be back home !!! I was overwhelmed with all the cards and gifts and thoughts and prayers I rec'd from all of you and friends and family!!!
I am blessed to have all of you thinking of me!!

This first pic is the firs time i got to go outside,it was around 2 weeks into the journey. The black and bruised neck was from all the tape they had taken off from holding the tubes. It is nice now,but sure took a while to go away! But that's a small price to pay for getting a great new liver!

And this 2nd pic is the day I'm going home!!! Waiting for the plane,in total from surgery starting on July 30th at 7:30 pm and ending July 31st at 5:30 am until leaving to come home on Aug 24th. I think I did pretty good! The doctors are impressed with my bloodwork and my recovery and so am I,lol!!! I new I was ready and with all your comments when i was down,has helped me go through the rough periods.
It was funny cause when they wheeled me in the OR and the nursed took my blood pressure,the dr. asked me if i was ok,I said ya why? He says you BP is normal,aren't you nervous? I said nope,I've been waiting and am ready for this for so long,let's do it!!!!!
Then I had some internal bleeding,but then they fixed that up and i've been doing great since!

So now,I do exactly what they told me to do and so far so good,my body is accepting this new liver with flying colors! I Thank my DONOR many times a day and his or her family. As I am Happy to rec the gift of life they are grieving the loss of their loved one. I have a hard time with that,but that is what the donor wanted and with that said I'm sure he saved many lives!

I don't know when I'll be able to make cards,I have the tremors big time and hope they will go away soon so I can play. I miss you guys terribly and will try to visit a few each day!!!
Thanks again for everything,without all the prayers and positive vibes I would probably still be there,so Thank You Very Much!!

My new mono...ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a short post but at least a short one,lol!

I miss you guys!!!!

Well,Thanks to Shannon for keeping you all aware of what was going on. It's been a rough road but day after day is getting better. I am out of the hospital as an outpatient and must go to the hospital monday to friday for therapy,bloodwrok and more. I'll keep it short cause just typing gets exhaustning. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers for my DH and I!!! I must say my Hubby is the best of the best!!!! Hope to be home in about a week or two,the drs take it day by day. The new liver is working wonderfully and I make sure to do what the drs tell me to do.

Until next post my friends,can't wait to visit you all!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Update :)

Hello Ladies .... Thank you all so much for all the PRAYERS and thoughts Diane is doing much better...... I talked to her on the phone a lil while ago :) and shes sitting alot and walking a few steps :) She is Simply amazing !!!!!!
I cannot wait to visit her Next weekend .......

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update ...

Just talked to Al and Diane is doing much better xo They operated on her again last night to remove the packing and the bleeding has stopped ..:) She seems to be doing very well They will try to wake her this afternoon I will keep everyone updated on her progress xo

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank you Ladies

I wanted to thank everyone again for all the prayers ... Diane is now in stable condition and the bleeding has slowed down .....

Im not sure when She will be home but I am planning on going to see her In London so If you ladies would like You can send cards In her name to My address and I can bring her all the cards when I go up ....She would love that .... My email is or facebook Shanon Madore ......XO

Monday, August 2, 2010


First of all A great Big THANK YOU for all the thoughts and Prayers ...We truly appreciate it but Im asking everyone to please keep praying .... My aunt is going tru some complications with the transplant and needs tons of positive thoughts and prayers XO