Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a better day!

Feeling better today,but my DH is still in rough shape. So I'll let him sleep it off and I got to play.
Made a card for no reason,but I'm sure I'll use it one day.
Very simple,using a MS punch and one of the new nesties I got.

I'm entering this card in the CCH#47 PUNCH IT CHALLENGE over HERE.

Don't know 'bout you guys,but I sure put on some pounds.
I overdid it with the sweets,now it's to ween off of it,I feel like an addict (even though I've never been one),but I guess craving sugar,I might just be one. Started watching my intake today so that those 6 pounds will come off in the next couple weeks. So easy to put on and so hard to come off aren't they!

Well,I'm off to play,hope you are all enjoying your day and getting ready to ring in the New Year!
I'll be celebrating my 5 month ann. of my transplant on the 31st,I've been so blessed! Thanks again to my HERO,MY DONOR!!!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still here,just exhausted!

Hello my friends! Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas and are all in good health! We had a busy week. My DH's brother,so my BIL had a heart attack,but he's doing well. It all happened a week before Xmas,then some of their family came up. They live 18 hrs away from here.
So we got to spend time with his Mother,one sis and her son and one brother with his wife and 2 kids. It's the first time that my hubby had so many family members with him for Xmas!
So he was thrilled,but I am exhausted,running to the hospital at first,then he came out,so it was getting together here or there,but we we're pretty much together all the time.

Now we're all sick,especially my hubby,he caught the cold that all your muscles ache. He's been in bed since last night,but I did manage to get him to have a shower and a bit to eat this afternoon. I only got the headache and a bit of a soar throat.

So now they have all gone,we are going to recooperate and try to get rid of these bugs!

Until next time,stay warm and healthy!

Friday, December 24, 2010




Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A treat for my Doctor!

I just came back from delivering this to my Family Doctor!

The image is a stamp I had bought last year and don't think I ever used it,I'm terrible,still have so many I haven't used. There's always next year.

I used my new label 10 nesties and made an easel card,added some gold glitter around the image,popped up the sentiment used a fiskars border punch and added some gold xmas trees to hold up the easel.
Oh,also added some MS Sugar cube flakes on her hat!
Sure hope she enjoys the pail of goodies,got that at Michael's last yrs clearance sale for dirt cheap.So now I get to use them this yr.

Well,tonight is our Tops Christmas dinner,I'm feeling really tired right now,so I best get a nap,then get ready for my dinner,cause I have to help out for the weigh in tonight,the weight recorder lady is out of town. So I fill in when I I'm off to get energized,lol!

Have a great rest of the day my friends!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Got new nesties and changed my organization for them

MICHAEL'S GOT SOME NESTIES IN STOCK FINALLY!!! So I had a 50% coupon and bought Label ten and my hubby went and bought me 3 others with other coupons at 40% off that he got from the salesclerk! He's such a charmer,lol!
From this board to....check below!!!

I used an old CD pouch that holds 24 CD's. I know,most people don't even have cd's anymore,but I've still got some,so I used this old pouch. If I want to bring it to use at a class or something,it'll be so easy and also easy to store.

Here is the finished product. I put a magnetic strip on a strip of black cardstock so it could slide easily in the pouch. And put the the nesties on the strip and added the label title on each pouch.

So it takes way lots less room than that big board doesn't it. It was my DH's idea,he's so brilliant!
Have a great day,I am!!!!
Well,my weekend didn't go as planned due to Mr. Winter! We we're suppose to go and watch our Godson play hockey,then I was to have a sleep over so I could bake with my niece,His mother.
But....we had a snow storm with a -33 degrees with the windchill. So needless to say,we stayed home!
It's ok though,I got to make my peanut butter cookies and another fudge recipie and I had to make 9 more cards for the Tops pals,I had counted wrong,so I finally got to finish that. I also had to sign them with a little message in all 39 of them,that took a few hours,lol!

So the card was one I had made a while back,another easy peasy one. Overall,it was a productive weeekend.
May you all have a wonderful monday!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I love to give!!!

Here's a card which I used some left over dp and used the Lovely as a tree set.The sentiment is from M's.

Well,I overdid myself,I thought I was super woman,lol! Now I must stay quiet until sunday. I'm going to watch our Godson play hockey,he's only 8 and it's his first yr playing hockey. Then I'm sleeping over cause I'm going to be baking that night and the whole day on monday with his mom,my niece. It will be lots of fun but very tiring for me.

This will be part of my Secret's Pal revealing night on tuesday,I'll be making her gift tags and a few small cards and a little something else. I added a purse calenda and a xmas pen also and made a tiny little basket and added a few chocolates and candy canes.

Just a treat!!! Hope she'll enjoy it!

Not sure if I'll be posting tomorrow,depends how the baking is coming along! I made my niece a little surprise,see she has asked me if I wanted to help her do some baking cause she sells baking trays. She makes these beautiful trays! So I made her some little tags,I'll take pics and post them once they are done.

Hugs for now!
Have a great weekend! Diane

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bird punch poinsetta

Hey folks! Gee! It's friday and only 2 more weeks and Christmas will be here! YIKES!!!!!
So are you all ready! I'm just about ready,a few more recipies to make and some last minute things to get and we're good to go!

This is a beautiful card I made at SU class the other night,Thanks Paulette!
It was done with the SU bird punch (another one I must get),isn't gorgeous,well I think so anyways,Lol! It was easy to make and turned out

Off to play!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stylist Award !

I recieved this Wonderful Award from a Wonderful Lady,SANDRA!
Thank You oh so much! I was tickled pink to recieve this award!

With the award you must Thank and link back to the person who gave it to you.
* Share 8 things about yourself. (well, I am going to pass on that, as I cant think of anything else to tell you all. I am just a quiet person who loves to craft)
* Pass the award on to 8 other bloggers. (Now this is hard, as you all deserve it, but here goes.
Hmmmm,let's see.

1. I have no children
2. I'm addicted to punches,craft punches that is.
3. I love chocolate.
4. I rec'd the GIFT OF LIFE (Liver Transplant) on July 31/10.
5. I love Butterflies.
6. I don't like computers cause I don't know how to work them,lol.
7. My DH is the best one on Earth except when he's grumpy.
8. I Thank the Lord each day for being here!!!!!

And now I am to give this award to other bloggers,which is hard to pick specific ones,cause you all deserve it!!!! Here goes....



For all my other friends you all deserve it too!!!!
Have a super day! Hugs,Diane

A card and some CHOCOLATE FUDGE!!!

I told you yesterday I was having a wonderful day! I did laundry,made a couple cards and made some Choc Fudge...

As for the card,it's again the beautiful paper from SU and used the Sidekick Sayings set with reds and greens.Added a red ribbon and some glittery brads and a star for the tree.

This is the before pic,lol. 8" pan lined with parchment paper.

And the finished product!Don't they look yummy,they are! I had to taste test a couple,my hubby did too and so did my Brother in law,so it's an easy,yummy recipie!

Here's the recipie:
3 Cups of semi sweet choc. chips
1 Can of Eagle Brand (Sweetened condensed milk)
2 tsp of Vanilla Extract
1/2 Cup of walnuts

Melt Choc. Chips with Eagle Brand (on stove top),Remove from heat once melted,stir in vanilla and nuts.Spread evenly in parchment paper lined on 8" square pan. Chill for 4 hours or until firm.Removefrom pan and peel off paper. Cut into squares. Makes about 2 lbs.

MMMMMmmmmm Good!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Purple Frosty!

I just had to post this card right away! I can honestly say I'm so happy with it! It's all in the purples for a Tops Secret Pal which we are to reveal next week. She just loves purples so I thought of making her a card and something else which I'll be working on in the next few days. Not sure what it will be yet,but it'll match the card of course.
It's yet another easel card,I added some snowman/women brad along with the sentiment.
I used the SU Frosty stamp set...I adore this set!
Also used MS holly punch,a corner sissex and a couple of layers of cs and voila!
Oh my fudge looks yummy,I'll take a pic and put the recipie on here tomorrow just for you Lisa!

What a great day I'm having...I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!

Fast card

Another fast card! I just started my cards too late. But with the circumstances I'm sure everyone understands. I'm trying to make as many as I can to send them out. And then I need to make some for my family and of course the Man of my Life! So I gotta get going again today!

I'm also going to make a fudge recipie,hope it turns out,I'll let you know,lol.
I can't sleep,been awake since 2 am,it is now 4:50
I've checked my emails,posted this card,now maybe I should try to get a few more zzzzzzsssss.

Have a wonderful wednesday everyone!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday wishes

Happy B'day Judy! This card is for my cousin/tops member. Today is her Birthday,I really like how it turned out. I had this image from Wish Rak a while back and never got to color her cause I had the shakes so much.
Well,I'm pleased to say,my shakes are 100% gone!!!
I'm blessed to have rec'd my liver transplant and Thank my donor,my hero more than once a day! I do think alot of the family though. While I'm celebrating life,they are grieving terribly I am sure. But like my husband said,it was the donor's wish to give his organs and now I am enjoying everyday I have so much more!

The card is a an easel card,used my new nestie and added some balloons from an old Bella image I had. Popped them up and the sentiment is from Michael's.

It was nice to get a break from Xmas cards,even though I still have lots of Xmas cards to make. I gotta get crackin'!
Have a wonderful day!

Hugs,Diane ENJOY LIFE!

Christmas Greetings

Good Tuesday Morning!! Yet another Xmas card!
I'm posting this early aren't I,usually post later in the day
but I had to go for my bi-weekly bloodwork and I must fast and need to go really early. There's always a line up of people,so I leave my house by 6:45 am to be in line for when they open at 7:30,otherwise I don't make it in time to get my bloodwork done before 9:00,cause I must take my anti rejection pills at 9:00.
So that is why my card is already posted,cause I might go back to bed,lol.

Anyways,on to the card...very easy,I had some K&Company stickers which I mounted on a nestie and the rest is easy peasy! Added a beautiful bow which I recycled
and ta-da!!!

Have a wonderful day,I'll probably post a non Christmas card later. I had a super day!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Clean & Simple Holiday Wishes!

Hello Friends,Yep,I'm still here! I've been so busy!
Trying to do so many things at once and it ain't working much,so I decided to take it slower. I made myself a list and checking it off as things get done. I also made a list of baking that I want to do,it's so exciting cause I haven't done any baking in a few years. So yesterday I made Banana Bread and each weekend I will make a diff recipie and my baking will be done for the Holidays.
I also made 6 cards yesterday,so I'll have something to post,they we're all clean and simple but at least I got some done!

So my shopping is DONE,did a good clean-up and put some decorations up,woohoo! Today I cleaned all my floors,went grocery shopping. Wow! It's a good day!!! I had a rough week last week and the last 3 days have been wonderful!

I'm so happy go get good days now! Before it was more bad days than good days! AMEN!!!

For my card,it's really clean and simple but just love the papers. Hope you all like it!
Have a wonderful to make a B'day card for my cousin.