Sunday, November 29, 2009

The snow is now here!!!

The picture doesn't give this card must justice!

With the snow we had this weekend,I thought I'd make a Thank You card with snowflakes in mind.

It's so pretty IRL! I put MS glitter on her color,muff,and boots and the icicle border from MS. These are all new stuff my DH bought with some 50% coupons we had at Michael's.

Then I stamped some snowflakes on the cs used a couple of nesties and the sentiment is from WOJ.

I had fun stamping this weekend and my room is still clean,lol,I hope I keep it up!

Hope you all have a magnificiant monday!!

Season Greetings!

Well here are the cards I said I was to make last night!
If you didn't pop in here yest,check out my previous post,I got new cabinets in my Scraproom! I just love it!!!

So the pic isn't the greatest cuz it was taken at night and of course I'm the worse photographer!
But I'll be on the go today,so I posted this last night so I didn't forget to post it today. Does that all make sense??? Lol!

After I was done,I cleaned up all my work area,so it's all pretty pretty,hehe!

Have a super Sunday,I'll do the same!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

So here is my new room!!!!

My DH spoiled me on wed and bought me 3 wall units for my ribbons and stuff and 11 Makin Memories cubicles for all my dp,cs,stickers,cb,nesties...oh my it's amazing what i've put in all those drawers!

And this way I now know where all my things are cuz I labeled everything,oh I'm so excited,don't want to dirty my room now,lol!

Only one thing, any tips or how do you girls store your Magnolias or any other stamps like that? I haven't got around to that yet,I just stuck them in your of the drawers.

So tonight,I'm going to make cards for a lady,
she wants 10 of the same one
which I will post hopefully tomorrow.

Off to play I go,and oh yes,I will clean my mess asap!!!!

Have a wonderful day ladies and again
Thanks for all your support through this
stressful time in our lives! xoxo


Friday, November 27, 2009


Well it was close but not close enough! It was a good trial run anyways. I got the call at 9pm saying it was Kathleen fr London Un Hospital saying that they had a potential donor!!!! She asked how I was felling,if I was sick or anything and I'm not so that was good. So she says,ok,we'll get the arrangements for the air ambulance done and will call you with the details. So at 10pm I got a call from the air dispatcher saying that the plane would be here at 12:15 am,I says like in 2 hrs!!!!!! He says yes,and explained where I had to go and everything. So by then I had my shower taken,shaved real fast was running all over oh boy all kinds of emotions we're going through my head. Then one of my brother's & his son and my niece SHANNON we're over at our place. They all came to the airport with us. Then at 12:00 the cell phone rings and it's Kathleen saying the liver was NO GOOD!!!! I was so devastated,sad,why why why????
So we came back home,of course couldn't sleep,so Al & I talked til 2am.

It was good in a way,because if I would of gotten on the flight we would of had to come back home on our own expense which would of been anywhere from $700. to $1000. So Thank God I have ANGELS watching over me. So now I know I am next,it can be anytime or longer.

I'd like to Thank You all for your Thoughts And Prayers!!! I didn't realize all the support I have!
Thanks to my family and friends and all of you blogging buddies!!!! I send you all a HUG back!!

So until next call I will try to keep busy in my new scrap room! My hubby bought me all new storage cabinets and nice ribbon racks at Michael's so the last 2 days I've been reorganizing my room. I found stuff I didn't even know I had!!! Al (DH) says,I don't think you need anymore paper do you???? Lol!!! I love him so much!!!! He is my world,my rock,my best friend!!!!

HI everyone Just wanted to Thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers .....while waiting yesterday at the airport .....Diane got a call to let her know the liver was not good ..:( While we are very disapointed we are sure She will get the ONE soon .... Please keep praying for her XOX Im sure when she gets up today she will fill u in with the rest Thanks girls

Thursday, November 26, 2009


This is Shannon ... Diane's Niece ... My aunt just got the call that we have all been waiting for ........She is on her way to London right now PLEASE PLEASE pray for her . This is what she wanted me to say ....

Hello all blogging buddies !!!

I have asked my niece Shannon to keep you all posted throught this chapter of my life

As we all know , Throught the grace of God I will come through this with amazing results. But I will need lots of prayers !!! So I ask that you all spread the word on your blogs cause I know that s bloggers are there in time of need . Also Please Keep my Dh Al in your prayers . He has been by my side through all of it ever since i was DX in 2001 with PBC. Every Dr appt , every gastro tests , Everytime I was hospitalized, he was there. This will be hard on him cause the surgery is being done 10 hours away from home . so its not like family members can just pop by . He is an Angel to me and I love him sooo much. Anyways , I hope and pray i will come out of this .If i dont Please know that Ill be in good hands up above and that Ill be watching you stamp from above ....

Love & Hugs
Diane aka ddnjoys2stamp

If anyone wants to contact me shanon madore on facebook or ... I will deff keep posting as soon as i know more .....xoxoxoxo

Friday, November 20, 2009

Silver Christmas Ball

I actually made 3 of this card. It was easy and fast and I also embossed Happy Holidays inside.
I need to make so many cards,not enough time. I guess I started to late. But I'll do what I can and hope for the best.

DH was sick for a few days,Thank God I didn't catch the bug he had. So today and the rest of the weekend I hope to make more cards. So I'm off to play,have a great weekend!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

B'day Bella

Here's a b'day Bella card for Tops friend. I used all the in colors,I rec'd some of the dp from Chris which I love so I bought more,and I bought the cs and the inks.
I used my new MS punch that my Hubby came home with yesterday. I had a rough day yest so he came home with this surprise,he is such a sweetheart!
I have 2 coupons at Michael's for 50% off on Nov 25 & 27th so I'll be getting more punches. I always get them half price cause they are pricey,but so well worth it. I LOVE PUNCHES!!
So today is a much better day,the sun is shining,I can't believe it,I cleaned some windows!!! Usually we have snow at this time,oh this weather is wonderful!
Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mimi in Pink

I think I need to add mor layers to my cards,this is too plain. I still like it though,this is Mimi from Pink Gem,I made her sitting on snow added some cherry stickles to her fluffy collar and cuffs,and made some MS snowflakes with the punch. It looks cutter IRL.
She is on her way to a friend of mine. I'm sure she'll enjoy it. With the beautiful weather we've been having,the white stuff will be upon us soon.

May you all have a terrific tuesday!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A tree in Bermuda Bay

I got another xmas card made. I've had the Lovely as a tree set since last year and I think this is the 2nd time using it.

I used the Bermuda Bay colors with silver cs from the dollar store which I put on the nesties and then silver heat embossed the snowflakes.I really like how it turned out except maybe I should add more snowflakes where the 2 empty spots are,what do you think? Oh and I used a snowflake border punch and put a silver cs inside the card.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend,mine was pretty quiet as always.


Friday, November 13, 2009

1 card turned into 4!!

Here is a card I liked so decided to use up the whole sheet of dp I had and was able to make 4 cards out of it. So yay,4 more cards for my xmas stash. I stamped some snow flakes with embossing powder and in the inside of the card too.

Well it's friday once again,not much happening at this end of the world. Hope to get more stamping done!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!!!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

My new MS punch

I had to try my new MS punch,I'm a sucker for punches. I see them on blogs and want them all.
So this is the Floral Vine,so pretty! I used another Tilda image,an older one,but I needed a B'day card for a Tops Pal last tuesday and she really enjoyed the card.
I used the in colors from SU and added some stickles to her wings,used one of my nesties (which i love too) and stamped the HB wish all over.
I made some Christmas cards last night which I will post tomorrow. Gotta get those done cause it'll come soon enough!
So enjoy your day and I'm off to finish the laundry and then stamp some more!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Still here

I have no mojo whatsoever!!!! I bought some new stamps which I've been playing with,oh my goodness,I'm terrible at coloring!
I see all the beautiful cards with the WOJ stamps (Henry),I need some coloring lessons.
I'm going to keep trying until I make a half decent card before I post one.
So here is a Tilda card,she is easier for me to color,so Tilda it is for today.
I've been wanting to make Christmas cards,and no go with that either. I think I'm losing it!

Besides that,there's not much new. Been sleeping lots (when I can that is) and been feeling pretty good except for another bladder infection. I don't know why I got 2 of them within 6 weeks.

So have a great week my friends,and wish me luck with getting some MOJO back!!!!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jingle all the way....

Look at this Beautiful Decor Element!!!! It's "Jingle all the way",and guess what,if you go visit Lorie you can WIN this !!! Oh you'll be glad you visited her blog cause she does beautiful work and she is such a sweet gal!!!! She recycled a candle jar (yay,go green!) and it made such a wonderful candy jar!

So go check it out,you'll be glad you did!


Snow White...

Snow White and Peter Cotton Tail came to visit us! Snow White is Emily our niece,she's 3 yrs old.
Isn't she cute!!!
Our little bunny is our Great nephew Henry,he's 3 months old.
He is such a darling!!!!
We don't get any Ghosts or Goblins at our place. We live in a security building,therefore no one ever comes here. Sadly we don't get to see these little ones. So really appreciated them coming by.
Hope you all had a safe Halloween,now,the next thing we know,Christmas will be upon us!!!
I can't believe how time flies!!!
Have a wonderful week!