Friday, February 29, 2008

Had to get a cupcake!!!

Good day everyone!!
With all the cupcakes stamps I've seen lately...I just had to get one. So I ordered the set from Pink Cat Studio,I love it!!
And I also got the Hippy set from Gina K and another set from PCS!!! I'm going to have fun for
awhile with all of those. Can you believe it's friday already!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here it is!!!

Well I couldn't wait to create with Julie's beautiful heart stamp!!! Thanks again chickie!!lol!

It's not as pretty as Julie's but I did my best, this will be for my DH for our ann. in May,woohoo,

I'm ahead of the game!!! Let me know what you think of it!!

Have a great day peeps!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beautiful RAK!!

I rec'd a beautiful rak yesterday from my new blog friend Julie at Out to Impress!! Isn't it gorgeous!!! I'm going to be making a card with it this week,can't wait !! This is a card she make,now she has ALOT more experience than me,so don't expect miracles like this from me when I make my card,lol. Thanks soooo much Julie,you're such a sweetheart!!!

The note said "Congrats on your new blog!" Isn't she the sweetest!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nicola's sketch card

Here is my card for Nicola's sketch challenge. She has a challenge every 2nd week,it's lots of fun,you should check it out at
She is such a sweet lady and has a great blog, go go go check it out!!!
Have a wonderful day!!! Diane

Monday, February 25, 2008

Little birdie...

Here's a dollar stamp from Michael's that I had never used. I had this bird dp that I thought would match perfect,so here's what A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME...

Have a great monday!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My hubby bought himself a new toy!!

When I thought it was too late to go snowmobiling,my DH goes and buys a new machine!

Boys and their toys!!! The bigger the boys,the bigger the toys!!! But one good thing about this,I'll be able to stamp more,YAY!!!!! Here's a picture with him on his 2008 Phaser.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My first Easter card!!

Last night,I thought I'd try a shot at an Easter card. I dont' have much stamps for this occasion but I did manage to find a couple of them.I love the glitter paper, and the little chicks stamp is
from a candy I have won from Courtney. So this is what came out,not the best but it's alright!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Hugs,Diane

Friday, February 22, 2008

More great mail!!!

Some more candy I rec'd!!! I won again a blog from Alex at California Stampin', it's like Christmas all over again!!! Look at everything I got,I can't believe it,Thank You so much Alex!!

I bought this really nice pattern paper from April at Artistic Paperie,they're 6x6,beautiful and perfect for making cards. She sent me a beautiful card and a JOY acrylic stamp with it,how cool!!!

Thanks a bunch April!!!

Mail man has been kind today!!!

This beautiful surprise came from Diane at The Diane Diaries,a beautiful set of personalized cards and envelopes with my initial,how cool is that!!!
Thank You soooo much Diane,they're beautiful!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A 60th B'day card for a friend!

Here is a fold card I tried from Michelle Giraud's blog (sorry I forgot your blog name!),her's was so nice.I wanted something different,bright and cheery. I don't like the outcome of it too much,but I worked so hard on it,so i'm going to give it to her anyways. They are having a 60's party for her this saturday and we're getting dressed up so it'll be fun i'm sure. Just to tell you how fabulous this lady is,she has everything and doesn't want any presents.So instead of gifts,we we're asked to bring food items for our local food bank. She's an awesome lady and we love her so much!!! I'll have to show you pics next week!!

Have a warm day!! Diane

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Candy I have won!

Here is a pic of some candy I won from Jennifer from Glitter in my hair. Thank You so much

Jennifer,everything is wonderful,I forgot to put in the of those the most important thing, a black prismacolor marker. So I'm a happy camper,Thanks again!!! Diane

BRRRRR!!!! It's -36 celsius!!!!

It sure is cold this morning...-36 celsius.Perfect weather to stay in and make cards!!! Even though I must go for bloodwork this afternoon,I hope it'll be warmer out there. So today I'm posting another card,hope you ain't bored yet on my blog,I don't have much to say,I lead a very

boring life,lol. Enjoy your wednesday,I know I will...making more cards!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just got my Verve Visual stamp set!

It just came in today my Serenity set. I didn't have any sets of this kind,so when I saw this one,I wanted it. So this is what I came out with. I stamped the flowers with creamy caramel and heat embossed the sentiment in gold. I kinda like it,not sure.

Thanks for stopping by everyone,have a great day!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I forgot to post today!

Oh my goodness,I just realized I didn't post anything today,tsk,tsk!!!! Well here is a another Thank You card for my collection.I've been on a roll making all kinds of cards so I don't have to be in a hurry to make one. If that makes any sense,lol. It is pretty simple and easy,not much to it,but it turned out ok. Hope you all had a great monday! Until tomorrow folks!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A pink b'day challenge

Sorry for posting again today,but i stumbled on another card challenge. I find it's helping me with creating and will have lots of cards on hand!!! So if you want to enter for a great prize check out Nathalie's blog at Crafting Fun,she has an awesome prize!!! Here's my entry!

A scrapbook page

Here is a scrapbook page I made from our trip to Jamaica. I printed out a few pics to play around with,and this is what I came out with. It was too hot to stay at the beach that day,so we stayed in and out of the pool,what a tough life!!! Don't comment on my fat legs please,lol!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yet another challenge!

Julie at Out to Impress is having a challenge,so go check it out,it's a nice sketch!!!

Here's mine!!! Have a wonderful sunday everyone!!!

It's a Spring Challenge!

A Spring challenge,yay!! With all the cold and snow we've been having I just can't wait for spring!

Head on over to My Happy Place for the challenge,she's in need to see spring cards!!

Can't wait,gorgeous flowers,taking long walks,camping...come on SPRING!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Too cold to go out,so stamp stamp stamp!

I wanted to go spend my GC i rec'd yesterday,but it's way too cold!!! So i'm staying in and gonna stamp. Here is a card I made to have on hand. I am working on that right now,I just hate it when it's someone's b'day and you forgot. Then I try to rush and the card looks ugly....blah blah blah!

you know what I mean,anyways here it is!

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hope you are all having a great thursday and a beautiful Heart Day!!!!! Here is what my honey got me,he's such a sweetheart!!! A beautiful card of course,5 bottles of liquid pearls (all the ones they had in the store) and a $40.00 GC from our local scrap store which I can't wait to spend,

and a sheeshkobob of candy and a little bouquet of chocolates!!!! Isn't he the greatest!!!!

I love you and Thank You Al even though you don't read my blog,lol!!!!xoxoxo

Another sketch card for Nicola

Here's another sketch card for Nicola from My Paper World,her sketches are lots of fun! Helps me as a beginner,lol! I am learning so much through you Nicola,Thanks alot!!! I used all SU cardstock and dp and stamps.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Friends are so precious!!

I made this card to have on hand for a friend...I do have a couple of them,lol! Shannon and I had such a great time yesterday making cards! This is one of them. We chatted about all our favorite blog friends which you are one of them if you are reading this,talking about all diff styles just yapping away girl stuff!! I really enjoyed my day Shannon,we'll have to do it more often,like every 2nd day,lol! Well ladies,I have to go for a cleaning at the dentist,so hope you enjoy the card,and have a wonderful wednesday!! My goodness,wasn't it just monday???

Hugs, Diane

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Allison's cheapy stamp challenge

Here is a card for a sketch challenge Allison is having,all she asking is to use those great stamps from Michael's or any dollar store. It was fun and here is my entry!! Hope you all had a great day, I'm taking a dinner break and back to Shannon's to make more cards!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thank You card for my travel agent!!!

This is a card I made for our travel agent.She always goes the extra mile for us to make sure it's the type of resort we will be happy with.

Sorry the pic doesn't give the card much justice,I took it at night because I wanted to post this tonight,cause tomorrow I am going to make cards ALL DAY, with my Niece Shannon or aka tyrymom. I'll be over at her place bright and early and now she'll have lots to post I'm sure. Inside the card I put of pic of us,

Janice (my travel agent) will be

all tickled pink!!!

Have a great day everyone cause I know we will!!!! I forgot to mention,the butterfly at the top is made of seashells and at the bottom some of the shells had tiny holes,so I put a flower brad into them.It's too bad it's not a great pic,also have stickles there that looks like sand.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bees Needed!!!

Hello everyone, Debbie at studiobeecreations is asking for 2 bee images from everyone so she can make and send cards to the soldiers. I thought I would also make a card ,it's pretty simple but I didn't want to make a valentine card cause by the time she gets it Valentine will be done and over with. Anyway if anyone is interested she even has candy for this,so go check it out and tell her I sent you. Let's help her out here,it's for a wonderful cause!! Have a great monday!!!

Sketch card for Nicola My Paper World

Hi everyone,this is one of the High Hopes stamp I got with my b'day money,I sound just like a kid!
Well that's how I felt when I went shoppin.
Nicola at My paper world has a sketch challenge going on,and I thought why not me? I'm not as great as some of you Pros,lol,but a girl has to start somewhere! This card will be for our Godson which turns 6 next month,and this image reminded me of him when I saw it.
Til tomorrow friends,and thank you all for visiting!!! Mouahhhhh!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A sketch card

Here a sketch card from My Stamp Room,her card is sooo nice and I had to try her sketch.
Not bad for a beginner,lol!!! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. The weather is beautiful here,+3 celsius,that's really nice for us for this time a year. So I might just go for a walk!!
Hugs to all of you!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentine card & candy box!!

I made a card for my DH while he's away,cause it's so hard when he's at home.He works from home so it's hard to hide anything from him.Since he's gone til sunday,what better time to do this,right. So the 1st pic is the card and the side view of the box,and the 2nd pic is the top view of the box. I'm sure he'll like the box more than the card cause there will be treats in it!!! Have a great weekend everyone!


Well I sure got spoiled for my b'day! The card was from Shannon,tyrymom with some $$$ I will be spending at our local scrapbook store,the 2nd pic is $$$ my hunny had given me so I spent it all at the scrapbooking store,she had High Hopes stamps so I got a few of those and other stamps,and the 3rd pic is 2 beautiful keepsakes my sister got me,she always finds the most heartfelt keepsakes. She brings teard to my eyes everytime!! And a candle and Toblerone from one of my brothers and his boys,they are too sweet!

Shannon,your card is adorable!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Well today is my 46th b'day,wow time just flies by the older you get!!! My hubby had to leave this am til sunday evening,so this will be my 1st b'day without him (sad face),but I have all weekend to create!!!! Yay!!!! I have lots plan for the weekend,make my hubby's valentine card and a little box for some chocolates,stamp,bit of house cleaning,stamp,sleep,stamp and that's about it. Well here's a pic of some beautiful stuff I got !!!

Hubby got me these beautiful earrings and some $$$ to spend on scrapbooking stuff,got this cool pillow from my bil cause he knows I sleep alot,and some cards & a little frame from my TOPS friends. Have a good day everyone,I know I will!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Live,Love,Eat chocolate!!!

Let's try this challenge again,lol!!! I hope it will pass the test. Since Valentine's just around the corner,I used her Sassy 'n Sweet Stamps of Chocolates...I think it turned out pretty nice. But that's my opinion,let me
know what you think,if you would add anything or if there's too much.
Any suggestions is great for a beginner like me.

Hugs to you ,Diane

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Layers and layers sketch challenge

Hello everyone! Here is a card i entered in a sketch challenge at Sweet 'n sassy stamps. You can win a free stamp set of your choice from her blog,and they are gorgeous. I like the outcome of it,being one of my first challenge,like they say, practice makes perfect.You'll have to turn the pic around,I don't know how to do that yet,lol.

Have a great hump day tomorrow! Hugs,Diane!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Woohoo I got some visitors!

Yay I got some visitors on my blog!!!! So today's post will be a Valentine's card. I made a couple,some I cannot reveal but this one is ok. It didn't turn out as great as I would of liked but they're (cards) coming along. I just noticed ...I didn't put a sentiment!

Have a great rest of the day!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some Jamaica Pics!

Hello everone,just wanted to share some wonderful pics of Jamaica! We we're there on Jan.8th til the 22nd,my dh and I. It was a wonderful relaxing trip! Like the Jamaicans would say...Yah Mon,No problem!! Here is where the nightly entertainment took place,then me and my wonderful husband Al having a great dinner at an Italian restaurant and one of the beautiful sunsets!!
Hope you enjoy!

You must be wondering???

Hello everyone,you must be wondering what in the world is she doing?
Doesn't she know it's Valentine's coming around,but i'm just experienting with how to post and everything,so like i said, please be patient with me!!
This is one of my xmas cards I had made and had a pic of. I never thought I would start my own blog.So until I take pics of the latest cards I made,this is what you are gettin,lol!!
Hugs to you,Diane

Oh my goodness!!!

Well I don't believe I'm doing this...I created a blog!!! With the help of my wonderful niece of course,cause when it comes to computer world,my head is empty!!! I don't know how often I'll be posting but I'll do my best. A girl's gotta start somewhere I guess. Some of you talented ladies have been asking when I would start this,well tonight's the night and it's gonna be alright. At least I hope!!! So I'm going to play with this blog thing so please bear with me,especially you Shannon,I'll need you now more than ever,lol!!!!

Until next time, have a wonderful day,week,until next post!