Friday, August 29, 2008

Finished something I had started last week

This is a card I had started before my SIL got ill. So I finally finished it. It's from scrapps and I added some primas with those bubble things,I don't even know what you call them. I'm terrible!
Maybe I can give to my SIL when she can have gifts in her room.Right now we're not allowed to bring her anything,not even a card,but I'm going to bring some when I go in case she will be able to rec gifts!
I miss being able to surf blogs,will all going on,I don't have time to check and snoop and enjoy all your blogs. We'll see what tomorrow brings!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New toys!!!

Some new toys to play with!!!
Yesterday I mentioned that I had gone to our LSS,this is what I bought CB folders With Love,Christmas Ornaments,Lace tree.
And I also got some pearl stickers and beautiful butterfly stickers from Stampendous. It sure feels great to shop when you're down,it lifts your spirits up and your wallet down,lol! I'm sure my husband will be pleased when I tell him I went shopping.
Hugs for now,Diane

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I got to play...

Well,there isn't much change with my SIL,I'm heading back there to be with my husband. He doesn't want to leave her,we will know by the end of the week what they will be doing for the blocked artery.
Please keep praying,it's helping Ginette and all of us going through this difficult time! I Thank You again and again! You guys are wonderful!

So today I had to run a few errands before I go back and I stopped at our LSS and bought 3 new CB folders,if you enlarge the image you'll see the embossed flowers on the right hand side. The image is from Kristine (Thanks again Kristine) and the rest is what it is. It's not the best card,but it felt great making it. I miss it alot and I don't want to bring stuff out there,not much in the mood to do cards lately.
So I've posted another post for tomorrow and I hope to be back home on sunday. This is getting very exhausting but I know she appreciates it and would do it for me. My hubby is the type of person to take care of others,that's why he won't leave her. So I must go and encourage him and be there for him also.

So have a wonderful week everyone and Hugs and Kisses to all of you!!!! Diane

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A beautiful Rak

I rec'd a beautiful RAK from Kristine,she's one of the blogs I try to visit everyday. She does beautiful work and is such a sweetheart!If you've never visited her blog you should drop by,you won't regret it believe me. Here is the link

To Thank me for being one of the top 10 commentors,she sent me these sweet images with a gorgeous card! Thank You so much Kristine!!!! I made a card with one of the images which isn't posted on here,I'll post it tomorrow.

So please come back and thanks so much for dropping by!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Keep the prayers coming Please!

Hello everyone!,Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for my SIL Ginette. She is still in ICU,doing a bit better,they lowered her sedation meds because they we're scared for brain damage,so finally sunday night,she woke up,and recognized us all!!! She spoke a bit,very confused of course but did manage to speak and tell us a couple of things.

She is definitely not out of the woods yet! So please keep the prayers coming,they have helped her this far but she needs so much more help ! Her daughter has seen her a couple of times but very short visits,but hasn't seen her awake yet. Poor little sweetheart,she is so strong,just like her mother.

I am heading back there on wed,so I will be away from you all but i know you will all be with us somehow,and I Thank You all from the bottom of my heart for that!

When she did wake up one of the first things she said was I'M ALIVE,I'M ALIVE!!!! And she bursted out crying,it was so emotional,she does not remember quite what happened but the nurses said it might come back gradually.

Ginette, I know you can do this,keep being strong,Tasha needs you and so do we! We are all by your side waiting for you to get better and Live Your Life to the Fullest!!!

Love you girl! Hugs,Diane

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thanks for ...

Thanks Shann,you are the best niece anyone can have,serioulsy!!! And Thank You to all my friends in blog land,I'm sure your thoughts and prayers are helping tremendously because she is still with us!

We came back from Sudbury late last night,my poor SIL Ginette is still in the same condition.
Lying there just breathing. One comforting thing is that someone is watching over her. The way it happened,she is still lucky to be with us.
She is on a breathing machine,has a tube in her mouth and nose,she is so swollen.It's so hard to see someone you LOVE in this condition. As I type this and talk about it,I just can't keep myself from crying. My husband Al and one of his brother are the ones that we're with her at the hospital. We talk to her to let her know we are there with her,but there is no sign,poor sweetie,she is just lying there. Thank GOD,she has the best care!

Today is her daughter's Tasha,11 th Birthday,and as of yesterday,the nurses told us she wasn't aloud to see her mother. I can't imagine what is going through her head. I have never had any children,I don't know what to tell her,please Mothers out there,help me find the right things to tell her. I feel so helpless,we all feel that way,there is nothing we can do for Ginette.

The attack was so massive,that it toar her heart,and she has one of her main arteries blocked at 100%.Now before they can do anything for her that tear has to heal. The nurses told us it is so critical,it can go either way. We CANNOT loose her, her daughter needs her so much!
Ginette is the kind of person that would give her shirt off her back for anyone! A hard worker,a wonderful cook,lol,we love it when we have any family get together at her place.
And one sad thing...her husband isn't there much for her,her marriage isn't the greatest.

So again,Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and please keep doing what you're doing,we need all the help we can get! My husband and one of his brother are heading back there tomorrow morning (thurs) so they can be there for the 1st visit and I will stay home an extra night to try to get some sleep and leave with his other bro and sil friday morning. I just hope and pray she will be ok.

Please God make things OK for Ginette and her Daughter Tasha and all of us that want to keep with us.
I will keep you posted til tomorrow night and I don't know when I'll be back,but hopefully it will be a post with good news.

Please take good care of yourselves,we just don't know what will happen at any second. One day we're here the next we might not be. Hug your family and tell them you love them!!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

~~~Thank you ~~~

I wanted to Thank you ladies for all the Warm wishes and prayers !!! I have spoken to Alain a lil while ago and Ginette is still in Critical condition ... soPlease ladies KEEP Praying !!!!!! I know what the POWER of prayers can do !!!!

Big hugs to all of you ladies and I will deff keep you updated !!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


THis is Shannon ( tyrymom29) FROM Diane is my aunt and I really hope she doesnt mind me letting all you ladies Know .......BUT WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS !!!!!
Diane's sister in law just suffered a massive heart attack last night ..... She was saying she had A sore throat and it was getting worse she decided to go to emerg and drove herself there While parking her car she suffered a massive heart attack and Drove over the curb ,tru Big rocks and ended in the emergency windows .. Thank god she didnt Hurt herself there .....They had to revive her and she is in critical condition right now ............ThIS lady is a SUPER nice lady and she has a precious 10 yr old girl named Tasha ..........diane talks about her alot Im asking anyone and everyone whatever your beliefs are PLEASE PRAY FOR HER and her FAMILY!!!!! Diane ......from DD2njoy and Her husband Alain are now with her in Sudbury with her husband and daughter !!!!! Thank you so much ladies !!!! BIG HUGS ...........

Friday, August 15, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged! It seems once these awards and tags start,there are so many of them. But it's to keep up with them that is hard,especially for me which I am not too computer friendly.

I'm trying to link and it's not working much,so here goes.

Here are my 6 things about me.
1.My favorite colors are bright ones,like apple green,hot pink,you get the picture.
2.I managed a CD (music) store for 15 yrs,I worked at that place for 25 yrs in total.
3.I have been off work for 3 yrs now waiting on a transplant list for a new liver for 14 months and 10 days. Mine has decided it doesn't want to do it's job anymore,lol. So please keep me in your prayers that it will happen soon.
4.I couldn't have any children but am a GodMother to 6 kids which are all wonderful.
5.I do not like to travel long distances in a vehicle,I prefer to fly.
6. I LOVE my wonderful husband,family and friends and now my extended framily,YOU blogging friends. You have and keep helping me so much mentally and emotionally through this difficult time in my life. You keep me going everyday,even though I don't post and visit everyday,I think of you all !!!! Thank You so much!!!!

For those tagged If you do decide to play along, here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who “tagged” you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is posted on your blog.

I am tagging the following ladies,
Catherine, Melissa,Bela,Dani,Pat,and Mudmaven Hope you'll play along and if you don't have time,I understand!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

An award,and a card

Well,i'm sorry but the card will have to wait, my batteries just died!!
Don't you just hate that...urghhhhh!!! I'll try to get some tonight,if not tomorrow.

I was honored to receive an award from the Great,the Gawgeous and so talented JULIE KOERBER at Out to Impress!!! Thank You so much Julie!

This award is to send love & acknowledgement to women who brighten your day,teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

So I send it out to each and everyone of you who drop by here when you can cuz you all just make my day! I know some of you are too busy to pop in but think about us anyways.

So I send this award to the following bloggers. Shannon,Debbie,Courtney,Alex ,Lorie,Kristine,Bonnie and Michelle

So hopefully I get some batteries and i'll post the card tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snow friends

Well,we haven't had much sun at all so far,so here's something I am not looking forward to...SNOW!!!!

I can't believe I made this card,actually it is a set I had won last december from Michelle at Creative Treasures. It's such a beautiful set from CTMH. I can't wait to play with it again.

Today I went to visit my niece Chantal which she lives 1 hr away. Her oldest son Gavin,which is our Godson came back home with me cause he will be staying at his Grandparents for 2 weeks.
So he was so excited to get to drive in my convertible for the first time,but guess what, as we we're leaving it started to drizzle. So Gavin says,it's ok DD (he's the one that started the DD thing,DDnjoys2stamp and my license plate is 4DD2NJOY) it'll stop raining. So we had the top down. So as we are going it's raining harder. So I says,sorry Gavin but we'll have to put the top up cuz we'll get all wet. So we just had time to put up the top,it starts poring so hard,I had to pull over until it calmed down. Poor little guy was so disappointed,cuz he wanted to drive with the top down. So it finally calmed down once we got into town,so he was able to drive for about 15 minutes with it down. Maybe when i bring him back home in 2 weeks ,it'll be nice and sunny and we'll be able to enjoy our ride !

So hope you like the winter card,and I'll be hoping for some sun!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Magic happens

Using up some scraps. I emossed the card with the flower CB folder and the rest is pretty much self explanatory.

I've been on a roll lately,cards everyday...that's unusual for me,lol!

I'm hoping for Magic in the sense that we could get some sun for the rest of the summer! I can't believe it,it's just been an awful summer.

Have a wonderful hump day everyone!

Merry Christmas!

Well, I made a Christmas card as promised yesterday. I used my Flourises set,I just love it!

The picture doesnt give it much justice,you can't see all the bling on the tree,I used 2 diff dp from Imaginisce which I loved cuz there's glitter in it.Again,you can't see it much. I guess I need practise taking pics,lol.

Anyways,here it is,hope you like it and Thanks for stopping by!

Have a wonderful tuesday everyone!Hugs,Diane

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tilda's wishing big!

I like how this card turned out. Doesn't she look so sweet!

I coloured her with my SU markers,stamped the flowers and sentiment from SU Short and Sweet set,added some doodling around the oval,used stickles for her wings and a dot in the flower on the balloon. And added some bling in her ribbon in her hair.

Don't ask me why I colored her boots then I did the strings of the balloons the same color.

Hope you all have a great week! I'm going to try and make a Christmas card tonight,so come back and let me know what you think of it. I'll be using a Flourishes set that I bought a while back and haven't used it yet.

Hugs for now,Diane

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thank You card and I'm back from a family reunion!

A simple Thank You card! I seem to always be needing Thank You cards lately,so I made this one at the camp last week.Pretty easy peasy!

Well,I went to my little family reunion over the weekend. I was kinda disappointed cuz there was only 34 people there out of over 150 I'm sure.

It was from my father's side which they we're 18 children,so I don't even know how many people there actually is in our family. Anyways,I learned 2 things,we need to meet more often,the last time I had seen them was 16 yrs ago and I suck big time at bowling,lol!

Overall we had a wonderful time with the people that we're there.We reminisced about the family holidays when our parents we're alive,what and where we are at today and it was just wonderful to see everyone. Life is too short,if there are family that you don't see often,you should make a point of meeting more often,family is PRECIOUS!!!

Hugs to all of you and Thank You for stopping by,Diane

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A card and a Rak

First is a card I made over the weekend while at the camp.It's an image I rec'd in a swap,don't know which bella it is,but she is so darn cute. I did a piece of paper tearing with a ballon stamp,and added a Happy Birthday sentiment and a few circle brads. Not too fancy but makes a

Visit Katharina's blog and win....

Oh my goodness,you must visit Katharina's blog if you haven't already,you should subscribe to her blog. She does fabulous work and has started a line of stamps,they are GORGEOUS!!!
here is the link,you must check it out! So if you want to win fabulous stamps,head on over there!

Btw,I added the pic of my card for yesterday's post. I had trouble adding the pic,so thought i'll go back and add later,and of course I forgot,lol. So now it's there,sorry guys!

Have a super wednesday! Hugs Diane

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's been awhile!

My goodness,I haven't posted since July 30th !!! Well,we took an extra day at the camp this weekend,we stayed til monday morning. The sun decided to come around on sunday,so I sat outside all day and got some tanning going on!!! I love the sun!

And today when we came back,we had to go to my niece's B'day party,she turned 2!!! She is sooo funny and lovable and the cutest smartest little girl!!! It was Dora all the way!!! Anyways,so we went there all day,it was lots of fun.

This week is a crazy week so I don't know how often I'll be posting. Tuesday is cleaning day,Wednesday I go visit my niece Chantal during the day and I'm going out for dinner with 3 of my girlfriends,Thursday I have a gastroscopy test (yuck!!) and Friday we go out of town for a family reunion for the weekend . I'm exhausted just thinking about it,lol!

Oh well,as far as I'm feeling good,might as well enjoy all of this right!

So for the card...this is the set I won from Susan Roberts from Rainy Days Creations. I sorta CASEd her card. That set is so cool,thanks again Susan!!! I love it!!!