Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Christmas cards,workout dvd and a challenge card!

Here is a close up of one of the cards.You can't see it,but I also put glitter over the sentiment,it looks really sharp.
Six more Christmas cards done,woohoo! Sorry for the bad pic but I wanted to show all 6 of them.I used the Sidedick sayings from SU,MS punch again (I love her punches) and added some pointsetta primas.

For you that know that I'm trying to get to my goal weight,my favoritereality show is THE BIGGEST LOSER.

I was reading Lauren Meder's blog one day and she was saying that she had gotten some of these DVD's at target and that they we're really good. Well since I love the show,why not try them right,so I ordered the first 2 of the series and they came in yesterday.

So as soon as I got home,I had to try the first goodness,it sure is a real workout when all I am used to do as exercise is a bit of walking!!! So I'll be doing Workout #1 every second day for a month and work myself to the next episodes as I go along.

I feel like a pretzel this morning but that's ok,I'm sure I'll see results in the future.

Denise over at Stamping with Denise is having a Black Friday challenge. All you need to do is a project on any kind with BLACK,pretty easy huh!
So here is my entry,it doesn't look black in the pic,but there's a lot of black IRL,honest there is,lol!
So I leave you with this long post,wow,I think it's the most I've ever shown and talked about since I've been blogging,lol.Hope I didn't bore you,hehe!
So head on over there and show your Black Friday creations.
Have a super duper weekend,Hugs,Diane!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Season's Greetings with dots...

I was checking my stack of Christmas cards tonight when I realized,gee i gotta get cracking on making some cards. So I made 6 of these,the one on the far left isn't colored yet,I'm pooped,lol.
I just wanted to take the pic so I could post this for you to see them today,so here they are,and I've gone tons of cards to make yet!
I've met some wonderful ladies through blog land,and I hope I don't forget anyone.
I'll have to stop posting them though,cuz you'll all see them and that's no fun,lol.

Here is a close up of one of the cards,not bad if I say so myself for making the same card 6 times.

It's a dollar stamp at Michael's and the sentiment is from SU,Many Merry Messages,the paper is SU and the punch is from Fiskars.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I'm hoping to get some more stamping done,who knows what the weekend will bring!

Hugs for now,Diane

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An award,and a card

I rec'd this beautiful FRIENDSHIP AWARD,from a wonderful blogging friend PAT,now I am to pass this award on to 6 blogging friends. That is soooo hard to do,cause you are all my friends and you all deserve this award!!! I will come and edit this tomorrow when I am more awake. I need to link and what not,and my brain is not functioning to well tonight as I am posting this for wed.

Well,I went to my TOPS meeting....another .6 of a pound down,WOOHOO!!!! It's coming off slowly,but at least it's coming off!!! Now I need some ENERGY ladies,I really want to reach my goal by the December 16th which will be our last meeting before Christmas. Do you think I can do it,I have 4.6 pounds to go!!! So please send me some vibes,energy anything you send through cyberspace that will motivate me,lol!!! I'll take it! Thanks!!!

Santa,is that Riley you???? Gotta love that Riley right! I embossed the silver bg with the snowflakes CB and added some MS punched snowflades with bling and it's pretty well it.

It took me awhile to like this guy,and after receiving some wish raks of him,seeing him IRL is totally diff. I like him!!!

So have a wonderful Hump Day Wednesday!!! Hugs,Diane

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

RAKS,Beautiful Raks!!!!

I rec'd my 1st Christmas card,and what a beautiful one it is!!! The talented Cheryl at Life's Railroad Tracks sent me this fabulous card. I love the colors and that image is so gorgeous,did she know I HEART snowmen!!!! Well I do!! Thanks Cheryl!!! I think I'm going to start addressing mine so I don't forget anyone! You are soooo organized girl!! Thanks again!

I rec'd this beautiful Thank You card from Pat at Rubbermaid. I had sent her some cards for her Cards 4 kids which is a fabulous thing she is doing. She donates cards for kids in the hospital,so if you would like to donate some of your beautiful creations here is the link to Pat's blog

Thanks so much for the card Pat!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Heeeeeere's Emmy Again!!!

I just can't get enough of this little cutie!! I have a couple of new stamps of her so you'll be seeing more of her. Here,I just colored her with the SU markers and used the CB at the bottom and used my MS punch on the dp at the top and a doubled stitched ribbon...ta da!!!

Well we didn't go for our walk yesterday (sad face). We had some action at about 1:10 AM!!!
I bought the David Foster cd/dvd for my DH,he just loves all the guests that are on there. So I thought let's watch the Dvd,well 2 hours later,we went to bed.We we're talking and then I told him,we have to stop yapping,it's 12:30 AM!

So anyways,I'm a very light sleeper and I sleep on my side. I thought I heard something,so I lift my head to listen...then my hubby says what's wrong? I say:I think I heard someone by the bedroom window outside,he says,no no,you're probably hearing the apt. upstairs.Go back to bed.
So I lay back down,then I said,I'm not crazy I hear voices outside,go check!!!!! He gets up,peeks through the blind and bangs on the window,which I thought he had broken from hitting it so hard. And said really bad words that I can't post (lol!) He says there's 2 guys trying to steal my 4 wheeler,call the cops!!!!
So I call the cops and he goes outside with his brother which also lives in the same building as us.
But the thieves we're gone of course. In the half an hour later,the cops show up.
So Al explains the whole story...they brought in a dog to see if he could lead them to the culprits,but no luck.
Isn't that terrible!!!! Needless to say,we didn't sleep at all,I fell asleep around 6 til 10. You are never safe now a days,it is so scarry! I just hope they won't be back!

It is now 8:30 pm,I am off to bed and hope our night will be a better one!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet Emmy! And Courtney's Candy!

Another weekend almost done!

I had time to make a couple of cards friday night while DH was away,I was all alone,I love it,peace and quiet.

This stamp is one of my new ones from Cuddly Bubble,her
name is Emmy,isn't she cute!!! I added some liquid pearl at the top & bottom of the ribbon,and of course I had to mess up the top,so I fixed it with a prima...urgghhhh don't you just hate that when you're happy with the card and when I thought it was dry, I had to mess it up.

Oh well,I like how she turned out anyways!

The sun is shining as I am writing this post (sat.) and hope we will be getting the same weather tomorrow. I would love to take a walk in this nature trail we found. It's so peaceful and beautiful out there. So for now my friends,have a wonderful Sunday!!!

After I had my post finished,I visited my and so many other people's friend "Courtney" like I do everyday and she has some Candy for being Thankful! She is one cool lady,and has lots to be Thankful for,so hop on over to her blog and see what she's got for grabs! Here is the link


Happy Holidays from the big white man!!! BLOG CANDY ALERT!

Blog candy alert!!!! Get on over to Deb's blog she has some awesome blog candy to give away celebrating 10,000 hits! I found out through my friend Joanne, so if you want to win COPICS and other yummy stuff,head on over there!

Now for my card....
Here's one of the images that my friend Deb sent me. He's so cute isn't he! I find that the bottom is too full compared to the top,maybe I shouldn't of put the snowflakes...
Well I like him anyways,as it is snowing here,I just had to make yet another snowman card! They are my favorite kinda of MAN after my DH,lol.
Oh and Lorie,you asked for this guy,so it's just for you,lol!

So I went to lunch with 2 friends of mine which was really nice,DH is gone for the evening so it will give me time to make another card. I've ordered and bought quite a few stamps lately and haven't used any of them yet. TSK,TSK,TSK!
Shame on me,not enough time in a day!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend my friends! Hugs,Diane

Friday, November 21, 2008

Deer Santa!

Deer Santa!!! Aren't they cute,it's a Studio G stamp that I got last year and forgot I had it.So I just had to use it at least once,I used my snowflake CB and sponged it with red,used a MS punch,added a candy cane ribbon and makes a cute little quick card.

Well today,Hubby and I went to do our good deed for the season. Every year they have a tree at Walmart for kids in needy families,they put the child's name,age and some wishes.

So I always pick a girl,and DH picks a boy.The girl was 12 yrs old and all she had on her list was JEANS. So I bought 3 pairs,hope she'll like them. And for the boy,he was 5,and he wanted Hot Wheels cars and trucks. So hubby bought him a little track with 5 cars and an additional 10 cars and trucks,so I'm sure he'll be jumping with joy. We feel so great doing that,we've never had any children,so doing this is very rewarding for us!!!

Have a super friday,hugs,Diane

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A card and some Happy Mail

For this Hedgie card,I cheated (oh no! don't tell anyone).
I used a sticker,wanted to make a quick card and didn't have any hedgies already colored.I was going through some of my old stuff and saw these wonderful little guys,so why not use them right.

So I hope you are all having a wonderful day and have a super exciting weekend!

Deb,EWE are so sweet!!!! Look at the cute RAK I rec'd today from my friend Deb,and she sent me a whole bunch of images too!!

I love that snowman,he's so adorable,can't wait to make a card with them,and Sarah Kay images are one of my favorites. So you made my day a happy one Deb! THANK YOU!!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good news to share!

My friend Denise Lynn at Stamping with Denise has started her very own Stamping Company!!!! YAY DENISE!!!!!!
You must go check them out,they are so darn cute,and her blog is wonderful! I'm sure she will do well with her new company!
And for my 2nd news,I lost another 1.6 pounds last week. I went for my weigh in with my tummy in thinking it would help,lol. I was so happy cause these last pounds are so stubborn to come off. And I ordered 2 Biggest Loser cardio dvd's.So maybe those will help too.
Short post with happy news! Hugs to you all!!! Diane

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's the little things...

This sentiment is SO TRUE!!! It's the little things that make life BIG!!!!
I've been thinking alot lately,feeling sorry for myself,blah blah blah! And you know what,I came to the conclusion that I am one of the luckiest person on eart! OK,I'm not the healthiest chick but there are people way worse than me.
I've got the perfect hubby that is always there for me,(even sometimes too much there,lol).He is there through thick and thin and am so Thankful to have him in my life.
I've got the best siblings one can have which gave me wonderful nieces and nephews and they gave me great nephews and great nieces. So what am I complaining about and have to feel sorry!
So today,I've got to change that attitude cause when I really feel down and low,I have ALL OF YOU to visit and read the comments you leave me. Gee,I'm such a lucky person!!! So with that said,IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE LIFE BIG!!!!!
Have a super tuesday,Hugs,Diane

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas glitter!

Hi everybody! I haven't posted in awhile,just not up to it unfortunately. And I haven't done anything to post either,so
that doesn't help.
I tried inking the CB folder which wasn't very successful,and added alot of stickles which you can't see much with the bad photographer (would that be me,lol). I put the sentiment on a silver paper which you can't see either.
Well at least I posted,maybe my next card will be better!
As for my weight loss last tuesday,I was down .6 of a pound.
I guess it's better than staying the same or gaining. These last pounds are soooo hard to get rid of!!! But with xmas and a vacation coming up in January,it motivates me to keep going!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful week and I want to tell you I enjoy all your blogs,even though i don't comment everyday,I'm still there checking you out!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My friends have candy!!!!

If you haven't heard yet...Korin from is celebrating!!
She is celebrating her wedding anniversary and her 1 year blogaversary!

You must all know her and her fabulous stamps set I'm sure! So head on over there cause she's
giving away 6 of her stamps sets!!!! That's right SIX of them!!!!

So get on over there,go go !!!

I found a new blog,Rina at Heartful Stamping ! And her too has awesome candy,she just started her blog and is already offering candy that you don't want to miss!!
So please take the time to visit RINA,you'll be glad you did!!!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU and me,hehe!!! Hugs,Diane

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Rak and a card

This is a RAK from Joanne at stamps4sanity. Isn't she sweet,Joanne and the card of course! She sent Congratulating me with my weight loss success! Isn't she a sweetheart! Thanks Joanne,it's gorgeous,I love her,I'll stick it on my fridge for insentive for these last pounds. I go for my weigh in tonight but I don't think I've lost anything (sad face)!

Oh it's cold and miserable outside!!! I had colored this WOJ image a couple of days ago with intention of making a card,but it took longer than usual. I just don't have any pep in this old body of mine,lol.

I wish I owned all the WOJ's stamps,I love 'em all!

My card is pretty plain,but I wanted to post something on my blog,I've been slacking off lately. So this is what you're getting,lol.
Well friends,have a great week and Hugs to all of you! Diane

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A cardinal wish and an award!

Isn't this Cardinal a beautiful image! I've seen some gorgeous card with him and think he makes such a pretty Christmas card. Got some Poinsetta Primas at M's,it doesn't show on the pic,but they have glitter on them,they are beautiful!

Well,I couldn't sleep at 4:00 am,had been tossing and turning for about an hour,so I thought I'll go check some emails and some blogs.

Well, look at what was givin to me! Joanne from left me a comment to check on her blog and I was honored to rec this award! Don't think that I'm creative but hey if Joanne thinks I am,I'll take the credit,lol.

So The rules for passing this award along are:

1) the winner may put this award on their blog.
2)Put a link to the person who sent this award to you.
3)Nominate 5 blogs.
4)Put links to their blogs.
5)Leave a message for your nominees.

Choose only 5. I have so many blogging friends I hate narrowing this down so I just chose people that I haven't chosen before (I think!) Here goes,I hope this works!!! Deborah Alex Maria Michelle Lorie

So to all my other (which is everyone) Creative Friends,this award is for all of you as well!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fluffy Fluffles!

" Just for you", could be for anything really,so I'll have it on hand for whoever and whatever!
I hate it when I need a card and don't have any made up ahead of time.

So Fluffles to the rescue!!!

Hubby is gone for the afternoon til late,so it gives me time to play,yay!!!!!

I just love this little cat!!! Here's a B'day card with Fluffles!

No matter which image he's in,he's adorable!

So tomorrow's already friday AGAIN!!!! I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by,is it because I'm getting old???

So have a super weekend coming up and stamp your hearts out!!!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Caught up in?????

I made a quick card with this cute Fluffles image I rec'd,sorry about the pic,it's not the best.
I bought these lightbulbs at the dollar store and ran them through hemp,once again using the MS punch at the bottom and the rest is easy peasy.

I haven't been blogging much,just don't know where the time has gone. I'm trying to walk every day,especially lately,the
weather has been amazing! So I'm taking advantage of it,usually by now we have snow,and today is 18 celsius!!!
Unbelievable! I'm sure we'll pay for it one way or another,lol.

Hope to have some time to stamp soon,I need to make b'day ,thank you,and diff kinds of cards. Just need to get on the ball!!

Have a wonderful week my friends!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some more candy!! You want to check out another great blog????
And she is offering some candy for her 1st blogaversary!!!
So hop on over there and wish her some Congrats on her wonderful blog!!!!

All these wonderful people offering us some candy for us to visit their blogs,isn't that too cool!
So what are you waiting for!!!!!

Have a super day,Hugs Diane