Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thank You card and I'm back from a family reunion!

A simple Thank You card! I seem to always be needing Thank You cards lately,so I made this one at the camp last week.Pretty easy peasy!

Well,I went to my little family reunion over the weekend. I was kinda disappointed cuz there was only 34 people there out of over 150 I'm sure.

It was from my father's side which they we're 18 children,so I don't even know how many people there actually is in our family. Anyways,I learned 2 things,we need to meet more often,the last time I had seen them was 16 yrs ago and I suck big time at bowling,lol!

Overall we had a wonderful time with the people that we're there.We reminisced about the family holidays when our parents we're alive,what and where we are at today and it was just wonderful to see everyone. Life is too short,if there are family that you don't see often,you should make a point of meeting more often,family is PRECIOUS!!!

Hugs to all of you and Thank You for stopping by,Diane


tyrymom29 said...

awww So happy you had fun ....Maybe next time they will invite the WHOLE family !!! You dont suck at bowling You just need more practice!!! I love your card it looks Great !!! We should make a day of Stamping sometime this week if we both Have the time!!! Call me Luv ya !!!

Lauri said...

Glad you had fun! Bowling is all about having fun anyway! Reunions are great, and many families have them far too infrequently!

Courtney said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun. You're right, we need to keep up with our family.

I totally stink at bowling. The other day I got three strikes in a row... I've never had a strike... ever! LOL!

Alexandra said...

glad you had fun!!! Your card is awesome Diane! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Janine said...

Diane.. very nice thankyou card and I am glad that you had fun with the people that were there. My husband's family reunion is this weekend... should be a good time!!

bubblegum said...

Great card Diane - so clean and crisp. :) :)

Thank you for leaving me a lovely comment on my blog. :):)


Deborah said...

How wonderful you have been doing so well! YOur reunion sounds as though you really enjoyed you family! Blessings, Deb

Deborah said...

Opps, forgot! Love your thank you card too! Deb

Rose Ann said...

What a pretty Thank You card!! I love the colors and that font!!

Sounds like such a fun time!!