Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday Cupcake

I need a couple of B'day cards for some ladies at my weight club on tuesday. So here is one of them and the other will be one I've posted before so no need to show you one that you've seen already.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We had some sun today!!! Yay!!!

We went to Church,then for a visit at my Brother's and then I went for a walk (was thinkin' of you Chris,lol!) I really enjoy walking in the sun,don't we all!!!

Can't believe it's monday again tomorrow. As much as the time is long waiting for my call for the transplant,days,weeks and months go by so fast. Until next post...have a good one! I just noticed after I uploaded my pic that the ribbon is going the wrong way,lol,shhhh,I hope she doesn't notice.



Rita said...

So pretty, she's going to luv it!

Cristina said...

So cute!!! I actually made a card this weekend b/c we were snowed in!

Lauri said...

She will love it! I would not have even noticed the ribbon! You are really rockin the nesties!

Bree/Reilly said...

That is the cutest cupcake - looks good enought to take a little nibble out of - okay a big bite of!!!!
Bree's Corner of the World --- Vintage Flaire

mudmaven said...

She will absolutely love it! We actually had some sun here today too, but unfortunately it will be a couple of weeks before I can walk and enjoy it. I'll be swimming in the morning and thinking about you out there walking in the sunshine! ~chris

debby4000 said...

Yummy cupcake, it makes a fabulous card.

Janine said...

Very nice!! She will love it!

Kristine B. said...

First thought... "OH WOW--what a super CUTE cuppycake card--LOVE that ribbon on there too, it's perfect!!" and my 2nd thought, "YUMM-O!!! Now I'm so hungry...I KNEW I should've have blurfed during work!" LOL

Glad you had some sunshine yesterday!! Last time I went for a walk was about the first day of Spring and my allergies started and I haven't been out walking since! :( Can't wait for warmer weather.

Dani said...

This is adorable! That ribbon is perfect!