Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey friends!

Well,it feels great to be back home !!! I was overwhelmed with all the cards and gifts and thoughts and prayers I rec'd from all of you and friends and family!!!
I am blessed to have all of you thinking of me!!

This first pic is the firs time i got to go outside,it was around 2 weeks into the journey. The black and bruised neck was from all the tape they had taken off from holding the tubes. It is nice now,but sure took a while to go away! But that's a small price to pay for getting a great new liver!

And this 2nd pic is the day I'm going home!!! Waiting for the plane,in total from surgery starting on July 30th at 7:30 pm and ending July 31st at 5:30 am until leaving to come home on Aug 24th. I think I did pretty good! The doctors are impressed with my bloodwork and my recovery and so am I,lol!!! I new I was ready and with all your comments when i was down,has helped me go through the rough periods.
It was funny cause when they wheeled me in the OR and the nursed took my blood pressure,the dr. asked me if i was ok,I said ya why? He says you BP is normal,aren't you nervous? I said nope,I've been waiting and am ready for this for so long,let's do it!!!!!
Then I had some internal bleeding,but then they fixed that up and i've been doing great since!

So now,I do exactly what they told me to do and so far so good,my body is accepting this new liver with flying colors! I Thank my DONOR many times a day and his or her family. As I am Happy to rec the gift of life they are grieving the loss of their loved one. I have a hard time with that,but that is what the donor wanted and with that said I'm sure he saved many lives!

I don't know when I'll be able to make cards,I have the tremors big time and hope they will go away soon so I can play. I miss you guys terribly and will try to visit a few each day!!!
Thanks again for everything,without all the prayers and positive vibes I would probably still be there,so Thank You Very Much!!

My new mono...ENJOY LIFE!!!!


Lisa Jane said...

Hi Diane ... how wonderful to see your pics.. and to have you back. have missed you... but have been thinking of you daily and sending you positive thoughts.
Lets hope you now go from strength to strength
Lots of love
Lisa ;)

Céline et Nathalie said...

je suis tellement contente que tu recouvres des forces et que tu nous fasses partager tes impressions.repose toi bien!

Lorraine said...

hi huni i am so glad your home i have changed my ugly mug to my gorgeous dog(didn't want you thinking who is this mad woman lol)
I am so pleased your home you had me worrying for a bit i said lots of prayers for you and cyber hugs and kisses your a great blogging friend of mine(bet you been missing those punches heehee.
you look great in your piccie you really deserve a medal for what you have been through your a true inspiration to me love and hugs always
your blogging buddie
Lorraine xx

pescbrico said...

I'm so happy to read you today! I've been thinking of you everyday wondering how it was going. I'm glad everything is going good even if it's not easy. Take good care of yourself! Keep giving us news even if you don't feel like cardmaking :) Have a great day

Kristine said...

THis is terrific news Diane!! I'm so glad you're doing so well this soon!! What an answer to prayer my friend. I hope the tremors go away very soon so you can craft again. But this was such a huge relief and blessing, so take your time. We'll still be here! *Ü* Hugs!!

Rita said...

Hey Diane, welcome back kiddo, I've missed you! You look Fan-tas-tic!!!! You'll be ready to stamp & create in no time. You may even dance the jig soon...of that I have no doubt! Seriously take your time & do a little at a time when you can, there's no rush, we wil be here. So glad your back home & feeling comfy & good in your own home! Talk to you again soon. BIG HUGS my friend!!!

Poppet said...

Welcome back home Diane. It's good to see you looking so well and positive. Take it easy and do as you're told and you'll be back crafting before you know it. We will be here for you if you need to unload or share your happiness. Sending big hugs to you and your family. :-) xx

Allison said...

Yay! So glad to hear you are improving so well!

Andrea said...

I am so glad that things are going well with your new liver. I am happy to see you. :)

mudmaven said...

Oh my girl - you sure are a sight for sore eyes! I'm sitting here bawling like a big baby with grateful tears that you are home and doing so well (obviously - and thanks so much for the pix)! I am home now too so you just watch for a package of goodies coming your way to help you celebrate your new life! Take it easy and just keep doing what those docs tell you to do - seems they must know what they are doing as you look ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! hugs, hugs, and more hugs ~chris

Robin said...

Wonderful to hear you are back home!!! You have been missed and thought of by many like me whom wish you happiness & health!!

The Rubber Maid said...

It is so good to know you are home and on the road to a new and wonderful life. Thank God all went well for had a long wait but I know you will say it was worth it. Hugs and blessings, Pat

Cherie said...

Hi Diane,
What absolutely fantastic news,so relieved your op went well and you're back.
Wishing you a speedy recovery,
love cherie

Mandy said...

Hi Diane
Sorry for not visiting for so long but we have been away on three holidays since the start of the summer holidays and before that I didn't have internet for 2 weeks,but I've caught up with the news and it's so great to see everything went so well and that you are home...Take care...
Mandy xx

Isabelle said...

I had cancer a year and a half, I'm in remission, and I know how hard it is to go through the disease. I wish you good health, recover quickly, and we make pretty maps as before, excuse me again for my English, I'm French and I do not speak well, get well and enjoy life!

Dani said...

Oh Diane! I am SO happy for you! Glad you are recovering so quickly. Your new motto is wonderful! Hugs!

Rose Ann said...

You're looking wonderful, Diane...and I love your new moto!! I'm praying for your continued recovery, and for your tremors to go soon. Love and hugs!

Lorie said...

Oh, Diane! It is so great that you are home and doing well! I have missed you! Much love and hugs to you! :o)

Rica said...

Oh Diane, I'm so happy things are going well. Many thanks to Shannon for keeping us informed on your progress.
Now I'm hanging my head in shame, I thought I'd posted a card to you - NO - I found it under the seat, cleaning my car - ooops!! Disorganised - who me?
You WILL get a card if I manage to get my act together, meanwhile I shall keeping on sending all the healing hugs and vibes and don't overdo it!!!!
hugs Heather xx

Debby said...

WooHoo! Welcome home girl! I am so happy to see your home and look at those pictures, you look fantastic! I have prayed and thought of you so much. Missed our little chats on IM.
Glad your home and doing well, continued prays that it continues.
As always "Angel Hugs"