Friday, July 31, 2009

Hi everyone!!!

The pic is kinda of dark,but it did turn out pretty nice. Like I said in my previous post,butterflies mean alot to me now.
So this card is for Anne,my new tx friend,next week marks 4 yrs of losing her husband. Therefore I want her to know I'll be thinking of her on that day.

Well,I'm still around,not doing much,I went to London On. last week for some testing and to meet a couple of drs from the transplant team. I was scarred they we're going to put me down the list for some reason. But it was to make sure that the blood vessels from the liver and that my ticker we're all good to go when I do get my transplant. I hadn't been there for 2 yrs,so they just wanted to make sure all was good.
Unfortunately,I can no longer drive,I had an incident with my vehicle the previous week (nothing major,no one is hurt,just a scratched car). But due to high ammonia,they have to let the ministry of transportation know that I am not safe to drive. So until after my transplant,I will have to bother my hubby for rides or walk. I was disappointed,but it's better that way then to hurt someone else or myself. Other than that,they said it is taking so long because they are waiting for a good strong liver. To stay positive and patient,easier said than done. So as much as I say everyday that I'm going to make cards,I just don't find the energy and I'm pretty much in the dumps,it'll get better,I know it will.
Until then,I just thank God I'm still here alive and breathing.

I think of all of you so much,and will try to visit as much as I can! Take Care!


Rita said...

Beautiful card Diane & I luv the colors!

Sending lots of smiles & hugs your way to cheer you up!

pescbrico said...

I love the card! :) Here is a HUG!

debby4000 said...

Beautiful card, love the butterflies and the colour combo.
Sending hugs,try and keep strong.

Alex said...

Diane, this card is absolutely beautiful!!

I have missed stopping by and I am so glad I have a more regular schedule again - sounds like things are moving along!! BIG HUGS to you from me!!!


The Rubber Maid said...

Keep those butterflies flying and soon your call will come. I can only imagine your anxiety but you know we all love you and are ready to cheer you on. Stay happy and strong, Pat

Dani said...

The card is gorgeous!

Big hugs, hang in there! Still praying for you!