Monday, July 7, 2008

Go check it out...Candy!!!

My new blog friend KERI has an awesome prize for candy! She is so talented is so many ways!
So please go and see what you could win!!!! You won't regret it! Here's her link

My weekend was sunny!!!! YAY!!!! Hubby is doing a BIT better,not moving too much,but at least it's getting a bit better.

Sorry for not posting a card,didn't do much on the weekend,I had intentions of coloring images,but I only did one and didn't get around to put it on a card. No time to stamp much lately!

Have a great week everyone!


Kristine said...

Glad he's doing much better.

OH, and HOLD ON GIRLFRIEND--Your images are on their way to you!! =) heehee. You should get them this week, I hope!

My Paper World said...

Hi Diane!
So glad to hear that your weekend was sunny, and that your hubby is feeling a bit better!
Nicola xx

Deborah said...

ogtaklYou go girl with your lawn mowing!
Hope hubby is feeling much better real soon! Hugs, Deb

Janine said...

Hey just get everyone better!! Have a great day!

Lauri said...

Glad you had a sunny weekend! Tell your hubby to take it easy and get better!! and relax yourself!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

I am glad to read DH is getting better...I hope he continues to heal quickly!!! thanks for linking me girl!