Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beautiful Christmas Raks!

This cute little treat package is from Rita from Rita's Little Corner. The holiday lineup image is too cute and look at the package she created.

It is called "Snowman Soup",it contains,hot choc,mini marshmallows,a hershey kiss and a candy cane. And the other little treat is Christmas M&M's!!!! Yummy!!! This is too cute to open up,I think I'll just keep it,hopefully my DH won't get into it,lol!

Thanks a big bunch Rita,You're such a sweetie!

My friend Kristine from Ink Something sent me a beautiful Christmas card! Her coloring is gorgeous and I admire her work! Thank You so much Kristine, I love it!

Thanks so much ladies,you've made my day so much better!

Yesterday wasn't a good day for me,this sure cheered me up


Rose Ann said...

These are some fabulous Christmas RAK's, Diane! So glad they helped to make your day better. Hugs!!

Catherine said...

What a great RAK's, Diane :)
Glad it's a better day for you.
Have a nice evening!

Alexandra said...

Those are fabulous RAKs Diane - and I am glad you got them, since you were not having a good day! Hope it is better today! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Rita said...

So glad you liked it Diane & I'm happy that it cheered you up on a bad day. Hope your feeling better today! (((Hugs))) to you my friend! Kristine's card is beautiful!

Kristine B. said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got the card and enjoyed it! I wasn't sure about creating one with "just Mary" as it kinda looked incomplete w/o baby Jesus, but as I mounted her on the card, she just looked so sweet and made me think of you...cause you're so sweet! I'm so sorry you had a bad day yesterday...and that you had a better one today.

Those snowmen baggies are fABULOUS!! and it's good to see that it's "snowman soup" instead of "snowman poop", LOL. But it's all good!


Lauri said...

I am so glad you got these RAKs in the mail! Hope you are doing a bit better today!

Maria said...

Hi Diane! Wow, you received some beautiful RAKs from wonderful people! You deserve such lovely things!! I'm glad it cheered you up!!


Deborah said...

Such lovely RAK's Diane! You are so special! Hang in there sweetie! Merry hugs, Deb