Friday, December 12, 2008


If you want a chance at winning MEGA CANDY!!! Visit Suzy at .
OMG!!! Wait til you see what she has up for grabs!!!! I heard about this through Lorie,she really didn't want to tell us cause she wants to win,lol!
But you must check it out,I couldn't believe my eyes,and the work that she does is phenomenal!!



Deborah said...

Thanks for being such a great enabler! Merry stampin'! Deb

Debby said...

I went and did the samething, what awesome blog candy!!!
Hope you are doing good Diane, I worry about you.
I have a blog award for you on my blog.
Angel hugs

Lorie said...

I'm gonna win! :o) Hope you are doing well Diane. Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL Christmas card! You are a sweetie!

Michelle said...

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas Card! You're too good to me!