Sunday, September 13, 2009

I had a beautiful dream!!!

I have nothing to show you but I want to tell you about my beautiful dream!!!

Just when I needed some hope as I have been really depressed with waiting for my transplant,I emailed my transplant co-ordinator to see where things we're standing. Back in Feb,they told me I was 2nd on the list (for my blood type) so I thought it would be soon. Well we're now mid Sept. and still nothing. So she told me that the person ahead of me was now in the hospital waiting for a liver. That means this person must be in pretty bad shape. My co-ordinator said as soon as she (so this person is a lady) has her transplant,I am next.
So saturday night,I asked my Mom up above to help this lady to get her liver and that she goes through it smoothly. And if there was a way for her to give me a sign to let me know that I will be getting my tx soon to let me know.
So my beautiful dream was...I was sleeping,not in a hospital,don't know where i was,but there was someone caressing my face,I woke up in the dream to see my Mom. I said what's wrong?
She was so beautiful,and she answered,everything will be ok!!!!

So she came and gave me my sign,she was actually here I'm sure,I felt her!!!! This is the best dream I have ever had!!! So now I know,when the time is right,it will happen!

Please keep sending the prayers my way,I know you are,tell your friends,families and anyone you can think of!!!

Thanks a bunch!!!! Hugs,Diane


Rita said...

Oh Diane how wonderful, your dream touched my heart & tears came to my eyes! I had that happen to me a long time ago after my father passed away & it is a wonderful thing! You know you have my thoughts & prayers sweetie! It will happen!

Lorie said...

Aww..sweetie! That is just wonderful! I truly hope that your time for the transplant comes soon!

pescbrico said...

That was a wonderful dream! You are still in my prayers. HUG!

Dani said...

What a wonderful dream! Hugs!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Hugs and Prayers Diane!!!!!

Rose Ann said...

What a beautiful dream, Diane!! I have been thinking of you, and praying for good news soon. Hugs!!

Creative Mish said...

You are in my prayers. I know you've been waiting what seems like forever for this to happen! You're right.... it will happen when it's meant to.

Alex said...

What a great dream, my friend!!! I hope your turn comes very soon! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Kristine said...

OH my goodness... what an AWESOME dream Diane! I've never dreamed anything like it and I have goose bumps all over right now. That's wonderful and I'm so glad your mom let you know that everything will be okay! You're in the Lord's hands and He will take care of you. Big Hugs!!
x Kris