Saturday, September 19, 2009

Simple fall card

With the fall weather upon us,I finally used my Autumn leaf prints set which I had bought last year and don't think I ever used it. I'm so terrible for that!
So I use the Maple leaf which is my favorite,it's so nice and colorful and so of them are huge. I always loved to pick them up as a kid.
The piece that the leaf is glued on is a paint sample thingy from Home Depot,you can't see in the pic,but it's a goldish color,looks really sharp. And I stamp the leaf again on the dp with true thyme and so saffron. And just used the little Hello as the sentiment.
It'll be a card for my stack.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. For us not much happening.
I must tell you this FUNNY but PANICK story we had this afternoon. We (DH and I) we're in line at Tim Horton waiting to order and my Pager goes off...I look at my husband and say,MY PAGER WENT OFF!!! He yanks it off my pant waist (that is where i keep it) and checks for the said low cell,lol! It was to warn us the battery was low,lol.
It's not really funny,but we're still laughing,I can't imagine what we'll do when the real call happens!
Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers and we'll hope that it happens oh so soon!!


Kristine said...

OH! LOL. Totally understandable! MY GOODNESS... I hope it goes off for REAL very soon hun! I know it will... and hope that somebody will keep us updated when that does happen! :)

GORGEOUS leaf card! I love Fall too... don't really have leafy stamps, but this is fantastic! So elegant too with those colors.

Love and Hugs,

Lorie said...

Your card is so pretty! I probably would have been laughing if I was you too! Soon, it will be for real!

mochamama said...

it's just giving you some practice for when the real call comes!
Sweet card hun! HUGS

Allison said...

What a lovely creation Diane! I can't tell you how many of my stamps are dusty!

pescbrico said...

What a stunning card! I love the effect! :)

mudmaven said...

This card is totally awesome Diane! Thanks so much for the giggle - it will go off for real very soon I just know it! hugs~chris

Rose Ann said...

Your fall card is soooo pretty Diane!! I'm praying for that "real" call to come soon!! Hugs & prayers,
Rose Ann

Alex said...

WOW!!! I am hoping the next time the pager goes off, it really IS for real....HUGS!!!

Your card is gorgeous Diane, I love the fall feel it has! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Dani said...

Love the card, very pretty!
I hope your pager beeps for real- and soon! HUGS!