Monday, November 9, 2009

Still here

I have no mojo whatsoever!!!! I bought some new stamps which I've been playing with,oh my goodness,I'm terrible at coloring!
I see all the beautiful cards with the WOJ stamps (Henry),I need some coloring lessons.
I'm going to keep trying until I make a half decent card before I post one.
So here is a Tilda card,she is easier for me to color,so Tilda it is for today.
I've been wanting to make Christmas cards,and no go with that either. I think I'm losing it!

Besides that,there's not much new. Been sleeping lots (when I can that is) and been feeling pretty good except for another bladder infection. I don't know why I got 2 of them within 6 weeks.

So have a great week my friends,and wish me luck with getting some MOJO back!!!!!



Rose Ann said...

Your Tilda card is so cute, Diane!! Hope your infection clears up soon. Hugs!!

Lorie said...

I think your mojo is just fine! Such a cute card you made! Hope you feel better soon! HUGS!!!

debby4000 said...

Adorable Tilda and fabulous card. You're mojo is intact, probably those infections are hiding it.
Hope they are better now and don't re-occur.

Rita said...

Luv your Tilda card Diane! Your mojo is fine girl! Hope you feel better soon, here are some BIG (((HUGS))) for you girl!!!

Sparkle said...

Such a cute card!

Anonymous said...

Your card is sweet and everyone has their times when they are not happy with what they create. But most times it is just us that doesn't like it! I hear you on the BI's Ever since my surgery last year, 1-2 a month........their awful! Hugs sweetie