Thursday, April 17, 2008

Changito the flower and some new pills

First off here's a Changito the flower stamp from Stampendous,isn't he cute!!!
I find him cheerful!
So I went to the dr's to see if she could help me with my insomnia,she gave me some new sleeping pill.I was so drained yesterday from not sleeping in so long that I took the pill at 6:30 pm and went to bed. I fell asleep pretty much right away but woke up so many times.Now it's 5:00 am and i'm still not sleeping,lol. Maybe tonight!
One of the side effects is headaches and boy is that right.
Anyhow,one day at a time,hopefully it'll get better.

Have a twisted thursday! Hugs,Diane


Courtney Fowler said...

Oh so very cheerful! I smiled when I saw that little guy!

OH! Medicine can be the pits sometimes.... but at least you got *some* sleep, right? Prayers for better health!!

Denise~ said...

Super cute card Diane. Love that image. Hope you can get some sleep, that really stinks. Feel better soon! :)

April said...

Such a really cute card!

Sorry to hear about the meds and still not sleeping well. Maybe it just takes a couple days for you to adjust to them - hopefully. Try and nap as much as you can.

Allison said...

What a fun Changito stamp...that's too cute!

Melissa said...

How sweet is this?! So so so cute!

I can relate to the sleeping issues. I swear there's nothing more frustrating than needing a good night's sleep only to find yourself not getting it! Best wishes...

Many Blessings,

Lorie said...

Very cute card! I really hope that you get some sleep soon so that you can have a happy and creative outlook. Hoping today will be better!

Alexandra said...

Oh, I laughed when I saw this one - that image is stinkin' adorable and I LOVE your card Diane!!!

I hope sleep comes easier tonight!!


Janine said...

Very cute monkey!! Get some rest!

Michelle said...

Adorable! I just love that stamp, and what you've done with it!

Maria said...

Oh, Diane I'm sorry to hear that you still have insomnia and now headaches! It must be terrible not to be able to sleep. I hope you'll find a way to sleep soundly. Not to make light of things but I say. . .read a boring book, that always puts me to sleep.

I love your pretty card! Changito is definitely cute!!