Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nothing to show you 2day! Sorry!

So sorry my friends,but I have nothing to show you today. It's been a rough couple of days or nights I should say. Therefor I've been having some naps in the afternoon and still can't sleep. My mind is just wondering all over. I hate when I do that. So this afternoon I went for a long walk (1hr,that's long for me) then I stopped at the grocery store to pick up stuff to make chicken fahitas,came home,made dinner and now I'm ready for bed.
But I can't go to bed,it's way too early,then I won't sleep tonight!!! No fun!!!
I'm trying to maintain my weight loss which I have kept off for 1 yr now,but that is so hard. I've put on 7 lbs since april and only lost 2 of them.

Oh well,one day at a time,that's all I can do! Hope you are all keeping well. I do visit some blogs when I can't sleep,I come on the computer,then get sleepy,but as soon as I get back in bed...I can't sleep!!!!! I'm sure lots of you have Chronic Fatigue,so you know what i'm talking about.

Have a super rest of the week,and hope to post something soon for ya!


Lisa Jane said...

HI Diane , sorry you can't sleep - thought i would have sent you to sleep by now lol..
mmmmm... chicken fajitas me and my daughter love em.. i am hungry now
Lisa ;)

Lorie said...

Oh, sweetie! That just stinks...I'm sorry you are having a hard time sleeping! We'll pray harder for that liver!

Lorraine said...

ohhhhhh huni its not fair is it i hope your sleeping gets better soon and from your picture your a very beautiful woman so don't let the weight thing get you down
Lorraine xx

Pat's little corner of the world said...

Hi Diane,
I'm sorry you are having sleep fun....I know very well about that weight problem...I have been trying to get back to my goal weight...lost my KOPS...and it is very hard to get it back...I'm 6.5lbs from it again...did very well this week lost 3.8...sometimes I think our bodys just say HEY let me rest a little...Good luck I'm praying for you...

Poppet said...

Big hugs Diane, keep strong, keep taking the little naps and don't stress about your blog, we will all be here for you. :-) xx

mochamama said...

I feel for ya hun. If you were closer i would put you in my Infared sauna to give you a good nights sleep.
I periodically go through stages where I can't sleep. You can get Melatonin at the health store which is great for sleeping. whatever you have to do to lose that last 5 pounds. You are right, it is hard but if you start gaining it back, you will keep right on going. Speaking from experience!!!!!
Hugs sweetie

Céline et Nathalie said...

Coucou Diane!
c'est moi céline ça y est j'ai enfin récupéré mon ordi!!!!!!
tu es la première que je visite, j'espère que tu ne vas pas trop mal!
je fais un petit tour sur ton blog et voir tes belles créations

Cherie said...

Hi Diane, just dropped by to say hello. Hope you're feeling better and are able to get away again this weekend.
A big HUG

The Rubber Maid said...

Sorry about the "no sleep" time, that is terrible to deal with. Can you try a P.M. drug like Tylenol PM or something that will help you
doze off? Take it easy dear friend.