Monday, July 13, 2009

For my Tops Friends!

Well I finally made these little weight recorder book covers for some of my Tops friends. I got some cute little images from wish rak and had to use them. I'm sure my pals will enjoy them. I have made a couple and then the word got around and now they all want one,lol. So once a week I will make one for someone with a little encouragement note to keep them motivated.
That way,it'll keep me busy,take my mind off this transplant issue and make someone happy,which I love to see.

The weather is terrible here,it's been raining almost everyday for the last 10 days, like a friend of ours sais "He ordered some sun for today,but it was backordered,so God gave him a rain-check,lol" I thought it was cute!

Have a great week and I hope to post more often and will try to visit some blogs today!


mudmaven said...

These are sooooo cute and you are such a sweetheart to make them for these gals! Hang in there with the weather - your post made me laugh out loud! ~chris

Shannon McGann said...

These are so cute! I love the little workout pig and moose! Too funny! You are so thoughtful!

Rose Ann said...

These are soooo cute, Diane!! I can see why you have orders for more!! Hugs!!

Lorie said...

Hey Diane! Super cute covers! I'm glad to hear that you are okay!

Melissa said...

Hahahahahaha! Fabulous!

Many Blessings,

chelemom said...

These are adorable! The gals will love 'em!!

Rita said...

They are going to luv it!!! These are so darn cute!!!