Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Need some cards...

I need to make some cards big time! I have almost nothing in my stash. So here is a B'day bella card! It turned out pretty cute I think!

What a rainy day AGAIN!!! This summer has been so crappy,today I went for a walk in between the rain and sure enough I got caught in the rain,good thing I had brought my umbrella.

Tonight if weather permits,we want to go blueberry picking.
Doesn't look too promising,if not tonight,maybe tomorrow!

Have a super day or rest of the day!


Lorie said...

Super cute Diane!

pescbrico said...

Your card is so cute!!! I hope you had great weather tonight!

Dani said...

Very cute bday card! Hope your weather lets up soon!

Kristine said...

Cute card Diane!! :) Love this bella with balloons. Hope the weather cooperates for you so you can go pick those blueberries! :)


The Rubber Maid said...

Cute card Diane and good luck on the blueberry picking. The berries are just fabulous this year and I eat a pint a day. Supposed to be good for getting rid of belly fat. Pat