Friday, December 11, 2009

Sure is Frosty here !!!

It is soooooo cold here today with -27 with the windchill!!!
BRRRRR!!!! So Frosty the snowman it is!

I used my New Nestie,I know,I know,it's been out for a long time,but they are so hard to get here in our little town.
Easy peasy card for today. And I'm off to put up a few decorations. I'm really not in the mood and didn't want to put ANY decorations what soever,but DH said we can't do that. So I'll take out my wee fiber optic tree (cause we don't have room for a big tree) and a few snowmen here & there.
That'll make hubby happy,so you all have a wonderful busy weekend!



Lorie said...

That is adorable!

Rose Ann said...

Your snowman is so cute, Diane!! Gosh, I thought it was cold here, but not compared to you! Keep safe & warm!! Hugs!!

The Rubber Maid said...

Cute little snow guy and it's cold here in Michigan also. We are about -15 or more with the wind chill and that's bitter. I'm bad like you with the decorations...going very slowly this year. Pat

Sparkle said...

Very cute!

mudmaven said...

He is one of my all time fave snowmen! Great card. We actually made it above freezing today! YAY! Stay warm. ~chris

Allison said...

Super cute and fun. This is gotta be one of the best snowman stamps evah!