Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blessed with a RAK!

Thanks CHRIS!!!

I was so happy to get some beautiful mail on friday from one of my blogging buddies Chris. She sent this cute little chick card with a beautiful season calendar she made,it just sits folded on my desk. I love it Chris ,you are such a sweetheart!

As for my acid reflux,looks like i'm going to have to put up with it for awhile. My hep's secratary called me today and said all they can do is do my gastroscopy test on April 16th instead of May 11th...if it gets worse to go to ER.

I'll hope for the best and really watch what I eat I guess.

Have a super tuesday friends!


Alex said...

What a fabulous RAK Diane!! Isn't it nice to get happy mail? I hope you are feeling better soon, my friend! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Anonymous said...

Awesome goodies Diane!!!! Chris is an amazing woman ........she just wanted to pass some love on to another amazing woman!

Janine said...

This is sooooo cute!!!

Kristine B. said...

AWESOME CALENDARS DI!!! WOW...they are just beautiful. Lovely RAK too--it's always so great to get happy mail. ☺ Tell us more about those adorable calendars!!

mudmaven said...

Oh I am so happy you like it! You are very special and deserve all good things to happen for you. Hang in there with the reflux - hope it gets better soon! ~chris

Rose Ann said...

Fabulous RAK, and I love the calendars!!

I hope your reflux is getting better. Hugs!!