Saturday, March 21, 2009

Korin has candy!

Look at all the goodies Korin has for grabs!!! She's spring cleaning and celebrating her B'day and has all this to share!!! So head on over her blog and check it out!!

Here's the link

I spent the afternoon at the ER today,been having bad cases of acid reflux. All they did was give me this pink liquid to numb my throat and said they would let my hep dr. know about it. So I guess i'll be calling his office on monday to see what will happen cuz it's been going on for more than a few days.

Anyways,have a super weekend!



Lauri said...

I hope you feel better!! Sorry you had to go to the ER (no fun!)

pescbrico said...

I bet it not really suprising since you were on a lot of stress lately! I hope your doc will give you something to help with that.
Have a great day! :)

Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

Oh, I hope you feel better. Sleeping on a wedge pillow really helps with reflux.

Alex said...

sorry you aren't feeling well, my friend - hope it gets better! Yummy candy, off to take a look! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex