Monday, December 13, 2010

Got new nesties and changed my organization for them

MICHAEL'S GOT SOME NESTIES IN STOCK FINALLY!!! So I had a 50% coupon and bought Label ten and my hubby went and bought me 3 others with other coupons at 40% off that he got from the salesclerk! He's such a charmer,lol!
From this board to....check below!!!

I used an old CD pouch that holds 24 CD's. I know,most people don't even have cd's anymore,but I've still got some,so I used this old pouch. If I want to bring it to use at a class or something,it'll be so easy and also easy to store.

Here is the finished product. I put a magnetic strip on a strip of black cardstock so it could slide easily in the pouch. And put the the nesties on the strip and added the label title on each pouch.

So it takes way lots less room than that big board doesn't it. It was my DH's idea,he's so brilliant!
Have a great day,I am!!!!


Lisa Jane said...

your Husband is a gem! the new nesties look fab and the organisation is genius ... might have to pinch that idea.. although i am not lucky enough to have as many as you lol
Thanks for sharing even if i am a little jealous lol
Lisa ;)

mudmaven said...

Well, aren't you such a clever, clever girl! What a great idea. I'm going to have to go home and go in search of some cd carriers. Right now I have mine on magnetic pieces stored in metal tins. It works okay, but this is a wonderful solution. So glad you have such a charmer in dh - some is good - more is better and at 40% off you can't go wrong right? ~chris

Sue from Oregon said...

oh such fun fun toys...what a sweetie your husband was to get those for you!

Rose Ann said...

Great ideas here, Diane! Thanks for sharing!!