Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blessed with more RAKS!!!

The Get Well Soon Lilly and note pad with my inital is from Allison Stampin when i can,She is the wonder woman of blog land,I always wonder where she finds the time and energy to do all she does,Thanks Allison!!
The beautiful cat card God Bless Your Recovery is from Stephanie Wright, Thank You so much for your kind words and wonderful card!
The bella card was from Courtney which I had rec'd awhile back but forgot to post,sorry girl!
Thanks a million and the acrylic stamp is awesome too,You're such a sweetie!
And the last one is from Lauri at Paperville,isn't it gorgeous,I love layers and did you know????Those candy brads are the greatest and the lovely colors just made my day!!!
Thanks a bunch Lauri!!
So again,Thanks a bundle for all the Get well wishes,so far they've been working,so I'll wish and hope it lasts!!
Here are more RAKS I've rec'd from some special bloggers wishing me well when I was in the hospital! It ain't fun being ill,but receiving all these beautiful creations in the mail sure brings a
smile to my face!


Lorie said...

Ohhhh...they are beautiful! I'm a bad friend and didn't send a card but I thought and prayed for you lots!

Diane said...

You are NOT a bad friend,your thoughts and prayers and emails brightened my days as much as a card you silly girl now!!
Thanks for everything Lorie! You're
the best!!!

Janine said...

Lovely cards Diane...
You asked about the quilled flowers. They are done with strips of paper and a quilling too which has a slot in the end. You wind the papers into different shapes and create all kinds of things.

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Wow, great RAKs Diane. I'm sure those brightened your day! :)

Courtney Fowler said...

Oh, you are so blessed! So many cards, and emails!

Deborah said...

Oh my goodness! You are so blessed with many people that care so much! Take care, hugs to you! Deb

Kristine said...

Hi Diane!! I'm so sorry I missed the sorry!! I hope you are doing well. What wonderful RAK's you received!! :D Blogladies are so wonderful aren't they? HUGS