Monday, May 24, 2010


You must be thinking where the heck I've been hiding!!
Well as most of you know,I'm still waiting for my transplant and am not suppose to be away more than one hour from home. We have a camper at a campground 45 minutes away from home which is good but our cell phone doesn't reach. We could get a line put in but would cost alot of money. So last year we didn't go at all thinking the tx would happen. Well one year later I still haven't gotten transplanted. So we went to pay our lot rent and cut the grass real quick and when we went to see the park owners she asked us how come we didn't go camping. So we told her the whole story and she said WELL MY POOR GIRL,GIVE THEM OUR # AND WE'LL GO GET YOU!!!
I told her it could be in the middle of the night,and she said oh I understand and I would be more than happy to do that for you!
Guess where we we're...and it was a long weekend to boot! It was nice and relaxing! And the weather was gorgeous and I was surrounded with butterflies all weekend!!!
Needless to say...I WAS A HAPPY CAMPER!

The card is a fast and cheating card I call it. I bought these 3D sticky sets at Sear's of all places. They we're 90% off,so I paid like .35 cents each,hehe.

I'm going to stop yapping away now,if you got this far in the post,you must be bored,but I'm happy so have a wonderful day!


Alex said...

I think that is great that she did that!!! You can now go out and enjoy your camp area, whoohoooo!!!

Love your card Diane, those 3d stickers look great! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Poppet said...

Great card Diane, lovely embellies. So glad you can enjoy your camper now. Many happy camping days. :-) x

Lorie said...

That is awesome Diane...I'm so glad you get to camp this year! Love the card, too!

Allison said...

Fun card! Love the fast and easy ones!

Love your story...enjoy your camping and I hope that dang liver finds you soon!

Lisa Jane said...

Fab card - love the embellies.
Great news re the camping. Hope the call comes soon.
Everything crossed
Lisa ;)

Mandy said...

Beautiful card...Hope that call comes real quick for you but in the mean time I'm soo pleased your enjoying your camper again..and what a really nice lady that must be to help you like that..Take care..
Mandy xx

Cherie said...

Hi Diane, What a bargin your embellies made a fabulous card. Well done to your camp lady she's a star!!!Guess you'll be getting away more, you go for it. Don't forget to pack the crafty bits though.
Big hug Cherie x

pescbrico said...

I'm so really happy for you! You will be able to do what you like without worring! :)
Love the card!

Dani said...

Yay! I'm so glad you'll get to camp! Gorgeous card, what a bargain!

mudmaven said...

Yippee!! So glad you have found a way to get away! I think this card is great - those stickers totally rock girl and at such a bargain price too! ~chris

Kristine said...

Well that is awesome!! I certainly would've done that for you too, IF I lived a bit closer, LOL! Anyway, your card is FABULOUS and oh so girly--LOVE IT!

Céline et Nathalie said...

drolement sympa ça pour une femme