Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MIA and a Wonderful Rak from CHRIS!

I'm sorry for not posting or visiting,there's no reason,just been doing more on a day to day basis. Been taking longer walks,doing more in the house and feeling wonderful!!

We also left for a week to visit my hubby's family in Quebec,which was 16 hr from here. So we slept half way there and back,and got to see them all! I hadn't been there in 5 yrs,so it was nice to visit with them and my hubby was soooo happy to see them. I can't imagine not seeing my family for that long,I'd go crazy.

So while I was gone,i rec'd this beautiful package from CHRIS with a beautiful card (which I just noticed isn't in the pic) stating that she was glad all went well and she was so happy for me. OH MY GOODNESS CHRIS! You are exceptionally generous and Thank You So Very Much!
Be sure to visit Chris' blog,she's a super blogger,does wonderful work,I still can't believe it! THANK YOU !

I still have a hard time making cards due my the tremors caused by the anti rejection meds. Hopefully they will go away soon.

I must get back in a routine so I can somehow visit you my friends. I miss your creations,your stories and your kindness! But I am back feeling wonderful and ENJOYING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!



mudmaven said...

I'm so glad it got there safe and sound! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I'm sure you will be back in the swing of things in no time. Glad you had a good trip to visit family. ~chris

Lisa Jane said...

HI Diane
Lovely to hear from you. So glad to hear you are doing well.
What a wonderful parcel -you will have fun with it !
Take care
Lisa ;)

Allison said...

Lucky girl! Glad you are feeling better...I know that it must please you to no end!

debby4000 said...

It's lovely to hear from you and so pleased everything is going so well. Lots of love

Lorie said...

Oh,Diane! I'm so glad things are going well for you!

Céline et Nathalie said...

je suis soulagée de voir que tout va bien je commencais à me dire qeu ça faisait longtemps que tu n'avais pas donner de nouvelles!
c'est super d'avoir pu aller rendre visite à votre famille, c'est ça la vie, la famille et les amis. et ton amie Chris t'a vraiment gâtée, c'est super!

Rose Ann said...

What a fabulous RAK to receive, Diane!! I'm soooo glad to hear you're doing so well!! Such wonderful news to hear!! Hugs!!

Donna Heber said...


Glad to hear you are getting stronger and able to do more things. Enjoy your goodies!

Poppet said...

Good to hear from you Diane. I'm really pleased to hear you are enjoying your life. It must have been wonderful to see family again after 5yrs. Will still be here when you are able to craft again. Bet you can't wait now you have new stash from a wonderful friend. Keep well. :-) xx

The Rubber Maid said...

So glad you are still doing well and taking longer walks etc. Stay happy and healthy. Hugs, Pat