Monday, May 12, 2008

Just a quick update

Just wanted you all to know Diane is doing much better the medication she is receiving seems to be working ....:) so far NO surgery woohoo!!!!!! They are still checking to make sure she is not bleeding internally because of the vericese ......I cant spell sorry ...:)

I did go see her today and she looks really good Mind you she has not had anything to eat at all since friday morning :( So i do hope they give her something soon and sees if that will trigger it once again ......before releasing her .
I have read her all your wonderful comments on here and she truly appreciates everyone of yous .....She misses you all so so much !!!
Hugs to you all !!!!!


Courtney Fowler said...

Holy Moly! No food at all??? Oh cheese. She's gonna beat me at the weight loss!

Just kidding!

I just hope she feels back to normal very, very soon. give her a big squeeze for me.


April said...

First thank you Shannon for giving an update, I've been thinking about her all day long.

Sounds like it's good news, I do pray that things continue going well once she eats. Please let her know we are all here for her.


Deborah said...

Thank the lord she is better! You have been a marvelous link, I know how special that is for Diane. Did they "band" any of the varices? That is what they did to me to prevent bleeding. God speed Diane, I have lit a candle for you. Blessings, Deb
P.S. How far from her home is the hopsital?

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said... are the best neice!!! And your Auntie is so amazing and deserving of good health!! I'm keeping her in prayer and sending lots of hugs!!! If you can e-mail me her or your snail mail addy, I'd love to send a card!!!

Lorie said...

Thank you for the update Shannon! I'm sure they will make sure that she can eat before they release her. Lots of hugs and healthy thoughts to her! :o)