Friday, May 30, 2008

Just to say Hi! Check out some more candy...

Here's another Magnolia card,I colored her with my SU markers and sponged some blue for the sky. The HI stamp is a clear G stamp.
You should check this blog candy you can win,it's
awesome,here's the link!

We're off to the camp again today but will be back early on sunday cause I have a baby shower to attend. That should be fun!

Have a wonderfull wicked weekend all!!!

Thinking of you today Deborah!!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Finally a card!

I got to make a card today,after doing some laundry,cleaning the floors and cleaning my stove!

I'm surprised I still have energy to make a card. But I had to try my new CB Swiss Dot folder that I rec'd from my new friend Deb!!! Look at the RAK she sent me!!! I thought it was Xmas! Thank You so much Deb,I will put everything to good use,believe me!!

The card I made is pretty simple but I just had to try that folder,I have seen it so often and fell in love with it...Now I have one,Woohoo!

Well have a great rest of the day everyone and I'm off to decide what to make for dinner.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blessed with more RAKS!!!

The Get Well Soon Lilly and note pad with my inital is from Allison Stampin when i can,She is the wonder woman of blog land,I always wonder where she finds the time and energy to do all she does,Thanks Allison!!
The beautiful cat card God Bless Your Recovery is from Stephanie Wright, Thank You so much for your kind words and wonderful card!
The bella card was from Courtney which I had rec'd awhile back but forgot to post,sorry girl!
Thanks a million and the acrylic stamp is awesome too,You're such a sweetie!
And the last one is from Lauri at Paperville,isn't it gorgeous,I love layers and did you know????Those candy brads are the greatest and the lovely colors just made my day!!!
Thanks a bunch Lauri!!
So again,Thanks a bundle for all the Get well wishes,so far they've been working,so I'll wish and hope it lasts!!
Here are more RAKS I've rec'd from some special bloggers wishing me well when I was in the hospital! It ain't fun being ill,but receiving all these beautiful creations in the mail sure brings a
smile to my face!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

B'day card for a 15 yr old

It'll be my nephew's b'day in a couple of months,gee I'm ahead of myself. The picture isn't the greatest,cuz the card looks really cool,all the silver,shines alot and in my eyes he's a real star!!!
For those of you who know about my liver tx,he offered to give me a part of his liver!!!! Isn't he amazing,he's only 15...
and to think that way,he's a super star in my eyes! Actually,
I couldn't do it,and he's not old enough,he must be 18 yr old.

But at least he offered! He touched me deeply!

Anyways,I like how it turned out,pretty simple but i'm sure he'll like it!

I'm off to visit my niece and her 1 yr. old today,they live about 45 minutes away,so I'll go and spend the day with them,maybe take them out for lunch.

Have a wonderful wednesday! Hugs Diane

Want to win some candy?

Head on over to Jo's blog at Only Joking,she's got amazing candy to win and all you have to do is make a pink B'day card for a chance to win.
How easy is that!!!

I used my very own 1st Magnolia,she's so cute!

So here's the link to Jo's blog

Go and check it out!!

Have a terrific tuesday!! Hugs,Diane

Monday, May 26, 2008

I miss You!

I made this card to send to my 5 yr old Godson. He loves anykind of bugs,and I've had this ribbon for a long time and wanted to make a ladybug card. So here it is,he loves receiving his own mail,he feels important.

And I'm sure he'll love the few bucks in the card as well!

Have a wonderful monday everyone!!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cuttlebug card

Well hello everyone,hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We sure did,we went to our camp, I felt great,the weather was gorgeous,I even went for a
4 wheeler ride. ( Which I normally don't,but I have to please my DH sometimes right,lol).

On top of it all,I even made a few cards. This card,I used my CB swirls on the yellow and pink
cardstock,sponged some pink on the yellow cs,added a green circle with a pop up sticker and put the sentiment on another green scallop and for the final touch a SU ribbon.

Have a wonderful week,and will talk to you again this week! Hugs,Diane

Friday, May 23, 2008

Beary good Friend!

Another card using some scrapps. The stamp is from our dollar store and so is the Friend embellishment,added a silk green ribbon with a knot of organza.Easy Peasy!!!

Cute card for a Beary good Friend!

May you all have a beautiful and healthy weekend!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lovely Raks!!!

I rec'd 3 beautiful Raks on thursday! The bear card is from sweet Pat Adams,the Doll on the red and blue card is from Patty Williams and she had beautiful ribbons and flowers in there which i will put to good use and last but not least a gawgeous flower from Julie Koerber at Out to Impress!
Thank You so much for the get well wishes and your thoughts and prayers mean the world to my hubby and I!
Please keep me in my prayers that I can get this new liver asap,and get my life again!
Off to the camper for the weekend,will check back on sunday night!

Using some scrapps! And a challenge card!

The Thank You card is for a challenge at Stamp Something.
They have a challenge
every friday,they are so
much fun! Go and check
it out!

I've been using some scrapps.I have tons of them and must use them,it's getting ridiculous. I think we all do that though right,I'm not the only one I'm sure.

So I heat embossed my dragonfly and the sentiment with a copper powder and the rest are scrapps.

Have a terrific thursday! Hugs,Diane

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nicola's sketch card

Here is a sketch challenge card for Nicola at Paper World. It's not the prettiest card I've made
but it's OK. Go on and take the challenge,check it

Have a wonderful wednesday!!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I rec'd an award

I rec'd this award from Michelle at Creative Treasures!
YOU ROCK MY SOCKS award!! Her blog Rocks! I am to pass it on to 10 bloggers,now that's hard to do cuz YOU all Rock My Socks! So here are some of you and everyone that
pops here are on that list too OK!!!

Have a wonderful tuesday! I'm off to get some more bloodwork done,I swear,if don't
stop asking for blood soon,I won't have any left,lol! Hugs,Diane

Friday, May 16, 2008

No card, but beautiful flowers!

I don't have any card to post,but this is a beautiful
bouquet my DH brought me at the hospital,isn't it
gorgeous !!! I love a bouquet of a variety like this!
I got so hungry from not eating,I wanted to eat some of them!

Well we're heading out to the camp again this afternoon.It's
a long weekend for us,so no use staying at home waiting if i'm going to be sick or not. If it happens again,we'll come back to
town.So wish me luck,Cause I'm bringing some stamping stuff and I'll be having fun!!

May you all have a wonderful healthy weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Have a Nice Day Everyone! I finished off a card I had started last week. I had some energy yest so why waste it on house work,so I worked on this instead.
Don't have much to say,it's 6:40 am,I've been up since 3:30,
still couldn't sleep,urghhhhhh!!! So now that I've been blog hopping for a couple oh hours i'm going to go back to bed.
I sleep when I can so I think I'll get a couple more hours in,hehe!!!
Have a nice day!!! Hugs,Diane

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello everyone ! I'm back,not too strong but yay back home!

First off I want to Thank my wonderful niece Shannon for posting my situation for me!! She's the most wonderful niece anyone could have,she's my God daughter,my best friend,we have so much fun together! I LOVE YOU SHANN AND THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!

I want to THANK each and everyone of you for all the your thoughts and prayers,they worked!
Also thanks for all the beautiful comments,I read each and everyone of them ... you girls are Awesome!!!! As I'm writing this in tears,I'm so blessed to have met you all,you don't know how much this means to me. The blog land makes me get up everyday even though some days I don't want to get up. I'm so glad Shannon got me hooked on this,lol!
Again THANKS A MILLION !!!!!!!

Now for my health situation update,where do I begin! Since sunday May 3rd I had been getting these attacks that felt like gallbladder attacks,but I had my gallbladder removed in 2003. Anyways the one on sunday only lasted 10 min so I didn't go to ER. Then I was chatting with Deb on MSN and I started another attack,so I told her I had to go to ER,so I did,they gave me meds for the pain,did bloodwork,my LFTs we're ok so he told me they would do an ultrasound the next day to see if I had stones in my common bile duct. That occurs with bile build up from my liver. So I had my ultrasound the next day and they said my dr would contact me.
So on thurs I still felt weird but no attacks. On friday I got up,felt normal,had a bowl of cereal,still felt great. My husband and I went to Tim's for coffee. We decided to go to our camper which is 50 min from town and said if I get an attack we'll just come back.
We got there at 1:00,I laid on the couch and watched a movie while he was working outside. Then he went for a 4 wheeler ride and of course ... I started an attack. I drove to Shannon's camp cause her hubby was there and thought maybe Al (hubby) was there,so he wasn't but Mark said he would go look for him on his bike.
Are you bored yet????? Almost done,lol!!!
I went back to my camp and laid down,about 10 min later Al came back saw that the truck had moved so he new right away. He rushed in and said you're not feeling good huh! I said nope we gotta go to ER! So on our way we went...blah blah blah got to the hospital,they put me through gave me meds and kept me. My liver function tests we're really high,they did xrays to see if they could find stones and they didn't .
To make a long story short,they kept me on ice chips the 4 days I was there and antibiotics to flush my whole system.Now is it fixed? I don't know. So I came home yesterday,had a cup of soup base and a bit of jello. And oh, I've had diarrhea since monday,I need a plug up there,lol!
So now I'll take it one day at a time and hope I won't land back in the hospital!

Hope I didn't bore you with this long story. And thanks again for all your thoughts concerns and prayers!!! You are all in my and my husband's heart!!!!

Hugs to you , Diane

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No New update~~~

But i wanted to tell you all how much she truly appreciates all your support YOu ladies are soooo amazing and caring I miss you dearly and Diane cant stand being away from her computer :)

Deborah her email is and mine is if you need to contact me for anything at all ... She has not had the varices band yet I know she had that done before but not this time around . The hospital is maybe a 20 minute drive from her house !! Not far at all !

I just got off the phone with her and she is thinking she might be OUT today ........Im praying she will be and feel alot better once at home ....I will keep you all updated !! HUGS AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS .....It seems to have worked !!!!!:)

Shannon xoxoxosox

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just a quick update

Just wanted you all to know Diane is doing much better the medication she is receiving seems to be working ....:) so far NO surgery woohoo!!!!!! They are still checking to make sure she is not bleeding internally because of the vericese ......I cant spell sorry ...:)

I did go see her today and she looks really good Mind you she has not had anything to eat at all since friday morning :( So i do hope they give her something soon and sees if that will trigger it once again ......before releasing her .
I have read her all your wonderful comments on here and she truly appreciates everyone of yous .....She misses you all so so much !!!
Hugs to you all !!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We need your prayers PLEASE!!!

I Hope my aunt Diane doesnt mind me coming on here I helped her start this blog and remembered her password ............ She is sick . We were suppose to go camping this weekend and she was in the bush Friday morning and well by 2pm she had to leave because she was having attacks .........Her husband brought her in to emerg and they kept her and will decide if they are sending her to Toronto Monday for surgery :(

She is so Nice and Caring , and such an awesome friend and aunt to me ,.,,,,It would mean the world to her and to me if we could all pray for her .As most of you ladies know she is on the transplant list awaiting a liver. And right now everytime she eats she gets attacks and doesnt feel good for hours PLEASE keep her in your thoughts and prayers ....

P.S I would of posted this on my blog , but i have NOT been there in a month and I know how much you all mean to her so I wanted you all to know why she has NOT been posting !!!

HUGS to everyone :) Shannon aka TYRYMOM29

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bad and sick blogger!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know I'll be posting something on monday. I had a rough couple of days with stomach problems,so I was pretty much in bed and tried to sleep it off.
I feel much better today and we're going to head out to our camper for the weekend...peace and quiet!!

Hope you all have a wonderful healthy weekend,I'll be praying for one of those too!!!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I finally got a card made.I bought this acrylic set at our local scrapbook store. It's called From the Garden by Fancy Pants Designs. I just love it!
It's all kinds of flowers,branches,there's a set of wings,a beautiful heart and so much more. I'm sure I'll be using it alot.
So it's pretty simple but I like how it turned out.
I added some white pearl drops in the center of the flowers.

Believe In God! He sure has been listening to me lately!!

Have a wonderful wed,Hugs,Diane

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sorry,no card today! But I want to share...

I'm sorry but don't have any card to post today,but I must share my excitement with all my blog friends. As some of you know,I am on the waiting list for a liver transplant,well yesterday I've met 2 wonderful ladies,Deborah from Stampin on the Mountain which she is waiting for the same as me and I also met Bonnie from The Lucky Clucker which she has had a liver tx in 1995.
So Deborah there is hope for us! It is sooo nice to be able to share our ups and downs,through this wonderful world of blog land. I still can't believe this all happened yesterday!
Some of my prayers have been answered!

I'll try to make some cards today,it is now 6:00 am,I've been up since 2:30 am,just can't sleep,even after taking 2 sleeping pills. Oh well,tis life!
At least I am still here!!

Have a wonderful tuesday!! Hugs,Diane

Monday, May 5, 2008

Kitty has blog candy! from Kitty's Krafty blog has awesome candy to give,bellas,SU punch and much more. She has a wonderful blog,her work is beautiful,
go check it out,you might just win!

There's a new blog in town!!!

Denise and Erin are starting up a new blog - Stamp Something Challenge Blog - which will premier on Friday, May 9, but can be previewed this week with chances to win some blog candy! Be sure to head on over and check it out.

So go check it out,I think it'll be lots of fun!!

A pop up card and a wedding!

First off,my 8th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and my DH will be gone most of the day. So we went out to dinner last night and this morning he surprised me with this exquisite necklace.
It's not as beautiful in the picture as it is in real,it's absolutely gorgeous!! I told him to stop spoiling me like this,but he keeps on doing it even though I tell him not to.

Now for the card,it's not finished,it's a card I started at card class last friday. A pop up card,I just have to finish the top of the card which I'll try to finish today.

Have a wonderful monday my friends and Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Another High Hopes

I just can't get enough of these High Hopes images,I love each and everyone of them,especially angels!!! I fooled around with layers which I also like and water colored the images with SU crayons,sponged the sky blue and the sentiment is from the Garden whimsy set also from SU. I put it on the tab punch and added some bubbles or whatever those dots are called!

Have a wonderful weekend to all of you!!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lovely butterfly

I bought these butterfly stickers from Stempendous at our local shop.The picture doesn't show all the beauty,when you move it,
it has blues and yellow and like greens coming through.It's gorgeous,I just wanted to put it on a
card,I heat embossed on the black corner.And the other corners are stickers again.
The sentiment is from Michael's dollar bin.

Have a wonderful thursday,as if the weekend is coming again! Is it me getting old...or is time just
flying by!!!