Saturday, April 23, 2011

Butterflies for my mentor!

Oh my I'm sooooo excited! Look at these cuties!
I'm making them for my mentor!
As most of you know I had my liver transplant last July and through my long journey I had a MENTOR, her name is Anne.
Well Anne is CELEBRATING HER 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF HER GIFT OF LIFE! She was there through the good times and bad,when I had questions she could answer them cause she had gone through what I was going through. She was our rock through the waiting period and when I rec'd the tx,she was there for my husband. She is our Angel!!!

She lives in Toronto,(8 hrs from where I live) she doesn't know but my husband & I will be attending her dinner celebration. So I thought I would make these little darlings in all sorts of colors and inside it reads "HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY ANNE! And in the back I added the date with another butterfly punch. I know she will appreciate this,she loves the cards I send her and keeps each and everyone of them. I love surprises and can't wait to see her face!!!!!

I'm waiting to see how many people will be attending,I'll probably need to make many more and I'm happy to do so. Imagine that,she had her liver transplant 10 yrs ago!!!!!! I'm so happy for her and hope I'll be celebrating my 10 th as well.

So this is what I spent the afternoon doing. I must take a break now,they are so cute,I love them. What do you think? Will she like them,the symbol of a transplant is the BUTTERFLY!
I can enter these for the
Butterfly Wedenesday Challenge HERE

Well,I hope you all have a Blessed Easter Sunday!


Rita said...

These are all so beautiful & she will LOVE them! You are the butterfly Queen Diane!!!

Debby said...

These are beautiful she will love them. I don't have the die or the machine to make them but they sure are pretty. Love all the beautiful colors you used to Diane.
angel hugs

Rose Petal said...

Wow Diane, how beautiful, I love butterflies too. Your mentor will absolutely love them, such a treasured gift.
With love, Sandra xx

Lisa Jane said...

what an absolutely fabulous idea.. Anne will really appreciate them.. they are gorgeous
Lisa x

Fabiola said...

un mot...wouah! biz

Creative Mish said...

They're all so pretty and I"m sure that she will love them

Jovita said...

Such beautiful butterflies and I'm sure Anne is going to love them.