Sunday, February 7, 2010


Another card from my new stamps from SU.

This one is Flight of the butterfly which I inked in green. The pic doesn't do it justice,the ribbon is like a rainbow,there's pink,green and purple in it.
It's absolutely gorgeous. I also used CB folder for the card itself and added a MS punched butterfly with polka dots in gold stickles.

This color and butterflies have a great meaning to me. Of course it is the meaning of new life and the green is the tx's color. So if you see lots of these cards that is the reason why!

Well,today is my 48th Birthday! I've asked for one all know what it is right. So maybe it will happen,if not,there's always another day! My DH got me a nice jogging suit,no no,I'm not a jogger,lol. I've been buying a few cause it will be comfortable for when I do get my tx and I'd like to have a few diff ones. So he got the whole matching outfit,he's such a sweetie and I ain't going to change him for the world!!!

It's also Alex's Birthday,so you all know her,California Stampin,when you visit her today,don't forget to wish her a wonderful day!!!



Pretty-In-Ink said...

Happy Birthday Diane!!!!
Love your pretty card, your new su stamps are gorgeous!
Enjoy the rest of your birthday!
Nicola xx

Chris (catt871) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE!!!! I wish you nothing but the BEST this year, and that your wish comes true!!!! It's been a long time DESERVE IT!!!!! Love your card too!!!! Gorgeous!!!

Céline et Nathalie said...

Salut Diane!
cette cart est très jolie, c'est vrai qu'on ne voit pas bien le ruban c'est dommage mais ce qu'on voit c'est une carte fabuleuse!