Friday, January 15, 2010

Beautiful RAK

I rec'd the most BEAUTIFUL rak today!!!

KRISTINE from INK SOMETHING is an awesome person!!!
If anyone knows what the symbol of a transplant is,it's a Butterfly. I had seen this card on Kristine's blog and was in AWWWWW when I saw it!

Love ya bunches!!!!

It will be on my desk for a super long time!!!
It is so gorgeous,all the diff butterflies inside and the colors are so stunning.

If you haven't visited Kristine's blog,you should,cause her work is phenominal!!!

So when I got up this afternoon (cause lately i've been sleeping alot) my DH says,you got some mail today. I rushed in the kitchen where he had left the envie

This is the inside of the card...isn't it beautiful!!!

Oh,this is my 2nd post of the day,go down to see my card challenge ...



mudmaven said...

You lucky girl! That is just gorgeous and thanks so much for sending me to her blog - great stuff! ~chris

Rose Ann said...

She is so thoughtful, and I can't think of a more perfect card for you, Diane!! Hugs!!

Phebe Meeder said...
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Phebe Meeder said...

what a gorgeous must've taken her forever to make this,,,and the colors are stunning,

Annie said...

Oh wow! Such a lovely card! I didn't know that butterfly is the symbol of transplant! From now on, I'll be thinking of you whenever I see a butterfly! :) Lots of hugs!!!