Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A card to Celebrate...

Here is one of the cards I made for a fellow Tops pal. Last week she was the best loser of the week and it was also her 15 consecutive loss. She has loss weight every week since joining the group!
She is an inspiration to us all!

Every,I make a card for the best loser,so I'm running out of ideas for her,cause she has had a few of them,lol. She says she has them all on top of her tv unit for her to look at.

As for me,I had reached my goal on May 5/09 and am still below my goal. I had a little struggle in December but who hasnt right.
I rec'd a nice charm for a 6 weeks below goal! I was so happy,it is a new incentive they have started for those who are KOPS (keeping off pounds sensibly).

It's only -5 out there today,so I'm going to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air! I haven't walked in awhile,been lazy and finding every excuse in the book,so no more excuses!!!

Have a great Wednesday,Hugs,Diane


chelemom said...

Love this! Love black and white together.....very classic!

The Rubber Maid said...

Hey Diane your friend deserves a nice card and you delivered. Love black and white and adding a touch of color...Great. Pat

Allison said... elegant! This is different for you but I like it!

My Paper World said...

only -5 LOL! hope you are wrapping up warm!
Maybe your tops pal is trying so hard because she likes to receive your beautiful cards! LOL! That would be a great incentive for anyone!

Rose Ann said...

I love the pink and black colors together, and your flower is so pretty! Congrats on staying under goal! Woo hoo!!